Typical Mistakes When Using Sunscreen for Your Perfect Body

Girls like their bodies getting darker ASAP. They should use sunscreen to avoid sunburns when tanning, but let’s check out typical mistakes of its user.

Typical Mistakes When Using Sunscreen

When the summer comes, girls want their skin to get darker. They can use sunscreen to avoid sunburns, but as we know, sunblock can be harmful. This is why we need to know about how to use it, avoiding problems.

There are many articles on this topic, someone reads them, someone writes themselves for a blog, site or magazine. Here is our article, so let’s check out the most typical girls’ mistakes!

What Sunscreen is and How to Use it

Sunscreen is a gel, cream, lotion or another type of product that protects the body from getting sunburns by reflection of some sun UV radiation.

It is important to choose the right sunscreen and observe all the rules for a safe tan. But why do you still get sunburns using a sunblock? Perhaps, you made a mistake, using it. Which one did you make?

Too Little of a Lotion

You do not use enough of a sunscreen for your skin. It should be used very abundantly and updated every one hour or two. In accordance to the European Commission, you need about six teaspoons of your gel or lotion to cover the body of an adult.

You Forget to Renew the Protection

Every sunscreen requires renewal, no matter what the type of the sunscreen is. It needs renewal, especially after water contact. If you just got out of river or sea, the first thing you have to do is to apply the cream again.

Remember that a body which just got out of the water burns faster and harder than the dry body because water attracts the sun. Even if it is written that a product is water resistant, no need to trust it that much because every cream like this needs updating.

You Choose the Wrong SPF

Any sun protection creams that contain SPF are aimed at protecting the human bodies against UVA or UVB rays, which count as harmful ones and can cause fast aging and such disease as skin cancer. Unfortunately, no product can save from harmful radiation 100 percent

For example, if you choose a cream, gel or lotion with SPF-100 (maximum level), it blocks 98% of radiation. The lower the SPF level, the less protection your skin gets. The product must be picked individually with a personal dermatologist.

You Do Not Rub a Spray into Your Skin

Sunscreen as a spray is very comfortable and convenient in its use, but it requires careful and intensive rubbing. Simply spraying the skin is not enough, you need to rub sunscreen as a spray into your body intensively.

Not Using Sunscreen in the Shade

Some people believe that sun rays can’t get into the shadows. But it is wrong. When a person sits in the shade, her skin needs the same protection as when she was under the sun.

You Forget About Some Parts of the Body

The sun may burn really unexpected parts of the human body, as she just didn’t pay attention to them. When you apply the sunscreen on your face, stomach, legs, for example, remember about some really unobvious parts, such as places:

  • behind the ears
  • under the knees
  • armpits
  • eyelids

Weird, but hair and head skin also need some protection, this is why you have to buy for them a special spray or gel too.

Protect Yourself and Be Careful

Sunscreens can be as useful as harmful. For this reason, you need to be able to use them the right way. It is very good if our advice helped you at least a little, dispelled the myths and gave some useful information.

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