Quotes SMS Text Messages Sweet and Impressive Collection

{YBA} Quotes written by famous authors, whether funny, motivational or philosophical, are often used on various occasions.

They are also sent by people as SMS, every now and then. While sending a love quote SMS rejuvenates the romance in a relationship, an inspirational one can easily boost up anybody?s morale.

There are literally thousands of quotes written by famous authors around the world. Here, have compiled a collection of quotes SMS and messages.

Read on and share these thoughtful messages with your family and friends!

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1. Always be The Reason of

Always be the reason of
Someone?s Happiness
Never be just a part of it
Be a part of someone?s Sadness
Never be the reason for it.

2. I Have no Regrets in Life.

I will never regret loving someone
Because the feeling of love for five minutes
Is greater than infinity of hate.

3. It is Better to be Hated

It is better to be hated
for what you are
Than to be loved for
what you are not.

4. If a Man Does Only What is Required of Him

If a man does only what is required of him,
He is a slave.
If a man does more than is required of him,
He is a free man.

5. Success is Never Permanent

Success is never permanent.
Failure is never final.
So never lose hope & keep trying
Until your victory makes a history.
Good luck!

6. Confidence is a Habit That

Confidence is a habit that,
Can be developed by acting!
As if you already had,
The confidence you desire to have.

7. Don?t Define Your Failure by

Don?t define your failure by
looking at somebody?s Success.
Also don?t define your Success by
looking at somebody?s failure.
Set your own goals everyday to break!

8. Never Believe What The Lines of

Never believe what the lines of
your hand predict about your future,
Because people who don?t have hands
also have a future?
Believe in yourself?

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