Top 6 Home Remedies for Clear Skin in Summer

Your skin tells a story – how about how old you are, how well you take care of yourself, what you eat and how much you drink. Summer is a time when your skin need a sustained care to escape from the damage sun can cause your skin. It’s no wonder that almost every woman is out there looking for an effective and safe clear skin remedy.

There are plenty of ways to help keep your skin clear without using high-priced products. If so, don’t worry we got some amazingly effective home remedies for fair skin in summer for you. Wonderful time-tested clear skin remedies are available right under your nose. These powerful, effective and proven suggestions are here to help you.

The Best Home Remedies for Clear Skin in Summer

  1. Each night, wash your face with baking soda and water. This mixture is perfect for keeping your skin clean and dry. The basic property of the baking soda works to dry up the excess oils that typically cause skin blemishes.
  2. Apply fresh mint juice over the face every night for the treatment of pimples. For a soothing body pack, prepare a paste of mint leaves and add the juice of a lemon. Mix it with warm water and apply all over your body. Leave it till it dries and rinse with warm water.
  3. Mix a spoon of honey with two spoons of oatmeal. Apply the paste to your face, but make sure you avoid hair contact. Leave the mask for 15 minutes before rinsing. After rinsing it with lukewarm water, you will find that your skin has become clear and soft.
  4. Tea tree oil is highly recommended by holistic health experts as a way to spot-treat acne. It is recommended that a small bit of the oil be put on each blemish and left to sit overnight.
  5. Water melon also has a cooling effect and it is very for good sun damage. Take two teaspoon of water melon juice and add to it to one teaspoon of turmeric and apply in your face.
  6. One tablespoon of rice flour with 2 tablespoons of yogurt (avoid non-fat) makes for an effective cleansing milk. For a simple rice flour pack, mix ¼ cup of rice flour, ¼ cup of milk and 1 tbsp honey. Apply on your face and neck and rinse off after 20 minutes. It’s a wonderful remedy for wrinkles and it also clears up your skin.

Hope you will like these useful home made tips. Try the above mentioned natural home remedies for clear skin that are mild as well as works for any skin types.

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