You Have a Special Place in My Heart – Short Sweet Love Poem

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Source: Teen Poems from Family Friend Poems

1. How I Feel About You

When you are around my heart jumps up and down.
I look at you, you look at me and for some odd reason
it’s hard for you to see just how much you mean to me.
And every time I start to frown I think of you and it turns upside down.
When your lips pressed against my cheek my knees started to grow weak. Hand in hand we walk up the road
and unfortunately it comes time for you to go home.
You hug me goodbye and only five minutes later you call to say HI!!
You say I miss you I say I miss you to and you say aww….really?
And I’m like of course I do

2. What I Want

All I want is to see you
There’s something I want you to do
I want you to listen and now this is true
I think I love you

You make me feel like I’m flying on a cloud
And I want to scream out loud
I think I love you
There’s nothing more I want to do

You make me want to lay in the grass
Just lay there while the time continues to pass
Lay there with the sun on my face
And know I’m in my place

When I hear your voice I close my eyes and smile
Cause I know that you’ll be with me for a while
I turn and look at you
And I know that you see me like I see you

There’s something in the way you look at me
You see something that I can not see
I want to lay with your arms around me
Oh why can you be here with me

In class I want hold your hand
And know you won’t run before you can stand
Oh boy look at what you do to me
Why isn’t what I feel something I can see

Source: Teen Poems from Family Friend Poems

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