Hair Trends That Will Be Huge This 2019

Choosing a hairstyle can be a difficult decision. Not only do you want one that is fashionable but you also need to ensure it looks good on you.

You can take inspiration from the catwalk, although many of the styles in use there are not practical for everyday applications. The main issue, of course, is having enough time to recreate the style every day; you probably don’t have a hairdresser on hand!

If you’re looking to change your style it’s a good idea to contact someone like this hairdresser Wynard who can help you make the right decision.

Of course, before you go you should have an idea of the latest styles and what appeals to you.

Charcoal Mink

Gray hair is not a new trend but it shows no sign of going away yet. Charcoal is the shade of gray that is really going to be tending this year. It’s especially effective if you use toners into blond hair, creating a filter effect.

Smoky Pink

Color is always a popular and easy way to change the look of your hair and your whole face. Smoky pink is a fantastic balance between the bright pink hair associated with teenagers and some of the other color options available.

It looks elegant, stylish and goes with virtually any hairstyle.

The 60s Beehive

You may be surprised to find this trend returning but it is becoming surprisingly popular.  In effect, it is a bob with more volume on the top. This style works exceptionally well with pale make-up and accented eyes.

Micro Braids

This is a great look for the professional who needs to keep their hair out of the way during the day, or night, but doesn’t want to lose it completely.

Micro braids can be positioned on your parting line or under the hairline to create volume. It takes the look from 2018 romantic and soft, to a more harsh, professional look.

Rainbow Wigs

This is a great way to test a different style and color. In fact, rainbow wigs have become exceptionally popular with celebrities in the last few months.

They should be bright, reflecting the fun side of your personality and allowing you to express yourself.

Coloring The Tips

A great new trend is multi-colored tips. It doesn’t matter what your original color is, brunettes can have chocolate plum tips, or blue, or even dusty pink. Blonds can also head in any direction they like. Colored tips allow you to express yourself while showing that you’re an adult.


Blow-drying allows you to have a sleek, professional looking finish to your hair. This is in direct contrast to the messy look that has been predominant in 2018. You can blow-dry curls, waves or even keep it straight, all will be trending this year.


It’s also worth noting that accessories will be big this year. There really is no limit to what you can add to your hair to make it sparkle and you can experiment at home!

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