All About Ladybug Tattoo Designs

Ladybug tattoos are a symbol of good luck all over the world because ladybugs themselves are a good luck symbol. However, that’s not the only meaning of ladybug tattoos. In England and France, the ladybug symbolizes good weather, and in Sweden the ladybug is associated with finding your one true love. Also, in some parts of Asia, it is believed that the ladybug can understand human speech because it’s been blessed.

Symbolism surrounding ladybug tattoos reaches back into the Middle Ages when farmers used to refer to ladybugs as “The Beetles of Our Lady” in reference to the Virgin Mary. Ladybugs are very useful in controlling the population of crop-destroying insects, and the farmers back then believed the ladybugs were sent by the Virgin Mary. So now, while many people aren’t aware of it, ladybug tattoos can also be a religious symbol, much like a holy cross.

Ladybug Tattoos Meaning

The symbolic meaning associated with ladybug can be traced back to the middle-ages, when European farmers witnessed large scale destruction of their crops by insects. Ladybugs simply emerged as a savior in such a situation, as they are voracious consumers of pests and other insects. Farmers of the middle ages believed that ladybugs were the answers to their prayer to Virgin Mary. They believed that ladybugs were sent by Virgin Mary in order to protect their plants from harmful insects. So, the farmers started to call the ladybugs as ‘the beetles of our Lady. Today, ladybugs are regarded as a symbol of good luck and friendship all across the world.

In Chinese culture, ladybugs are considered auspicious and seen as a symbol of good luck. There are many superstitions surrounding this insect, for the farmers of England and France, ladybugs are indicator of good weather. While in Sweden and some other countries, ladybugs symbolize luck in love. They are said to bring good luck in finding true love. Another superstition associated with his insect is that, finding a ladybug is a sign of good luck and fortune. On the other hand, a ladybug landing on the hand is said to bring good weather. When a ladybug lands on a sick person, it is believed to take away the illness with it.

On the other hand, if it lands on a married woman’s hand, then it is believed that she will bear the number of children equal to the number of spots on the back of the ladybug. To sum up, ladybugs are cute insects and their tattoos are usually seen as a symbol of luck, fortune and happiness.

Ladybug Tattoo Ideas

As far as ladybug tattoos designs are concerned, there are many more options to select from. Ladybug tattoos can be combined with other tattoo designs in order to create some unique designs and patterns. They can look really beautiful and striking with flower tattoos, along with leaves, tendrils and vines. Even other insects tattoos like, butterfly tattoos can be incorporated in a ladybug tattoo. Many people however, like to go for an unique combination like, ladybug tattoo and tribal tattoo designs, which can look really exceptional. Even red heart tattoos or some other good luck symbols can look great with a ladybug tattoo. Find out more about ladybug tattoo designs.

Coming to the color scheme, ladybugs are usually portrayed in red with black spots on their back. This is the conventional color scheme for these tattoos. However, it does not mean that you always have to stick to this color combination. You can also experiment with other color combinations, in order to make your ladybug tattoo distinct and more appealing.

Along with choosing the right color scheme, you would definitely like to place the tattoo on the right area of your body. Girls usually prefer to place ladybug tattoos on feet and ankles. Ladybug foot tattoos can look really striking, but that does not mean that it is the only place to sport this tattoo. You can go for other places like, wrist, sleeve and even the lower back area. A ladybug tattoo can also look beautiful in these places.

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