Make Your Figure Perfect During Winter

Have you got the winter workout blues? Feeling the effects of cabin fever? During these winter months we tend to lose some motivation to get up and get moving. With less sunshine and the urge to stay tucked in our warm and cozy beds it’s harder to keep to our workout routines.

The exercise choices are more limited keeping us mainly indoors and falling into a rut of the same ole same ole workouts. Although there are lots of winter activities like cross country and snow skiing, these activities are not for everyone and generally can’t be done every day. So what other alternatives do you have to warm up and beat the winter exercise blahs?

Winter Weight Loss Tips

Walk In The Snow

Going for a walk in the snow is a good winter weight loss tip as you have to exert a lot more effort to get anywhere. Each step you take requires extra effort as you battle to stay on top and not sink into the snow! This winter weight loss tip can do wonders for your cardio.

Remote Parking

If you did clean your car and took it for a ride, allow yourself a 10 minute walking session too, by parking a little further away from your destination point. This will encourage you to perform a pleasant winter walk, inhale fresh air and burn extra calories. It can also help you to find a parking place easier, away from the crowded parking lots of the city centres.


If you’re up for having a bit of fun sledging is always an option. No matter how big you are, you can grab yourself a sledge from your local newsagents, find a hill and have some fun. The exercise in this winter weight loss tip comes from the fact that you have to get up the hill after every slide so that you can do it again; really good exercise and very good for your cardio and leg muscles. If you can run up the hill each time go for it!


One more weight loss tip for winter that will treat you! There are lots of reasons for party during winter. You have the Christmas Party, the New Year Party and for sure many more parties during your winter holiday. Parties are great for weight loss, because they involve dancing. With 450 calories burned during 1 hour of dancing, you can easily become a party freak. However, there are some things you do need to avoid: don’t eat to much, do not exaggerate with alcohol intake and don’t party until the morning. You need a good night’s sleep to maintain your energy and continue your weight loss.

Snow Cleaning

Be the one that cleans the snow from your car, yard or sidewalk. You can burn impressive amounts of calories. Snow shoveling melts around 550 calories per hour. A fresh snow fall can help you burn 100 calories within 10 minutes, while you snow clean your car in the morning.


This winter weight loss tip will surly be the favourite for many! Christmas is the ideal time of the year for shopping. Did you know that 1 hour spent and shopping can help your burn around 170 calories? Numerous items to pick, prices which have to be compared and many other stuff will make you wander around numerous shops, malls and similar places. You can have an ideal weight loss shopping experience, if you also buy your self a gift that aids weight loss, perhaps a fitness device. This way you’ll make sure that you’ll continue burning calories when you return home!

Ice Skating

Another good winter-related activity is ice skating. This winter weight loss tip doesn’t have to be a chore either; it is seriously good fun and you burn hundreds of calories per hour. Whilst you can go ice-skating at indoor rinks all year, it is definitely best at Christmas because of all the outdoor rinks that open up in town and city centres all over the country. They are usually subsidised by local radio stations looking to get some free PR and they are usually surrounded with live events meaning you can really get into the spirit of Christmas whilst losing weight!

Winter Holidays

Pick a winter sky resort as a destination for your holiday. This way you will be able to practice some winter sports that really eat away a lot of calories. Cross country skiing, alpine skiing and snowboarding burn each about 750-800 calories for 1 hour of practicing.

Indoor Fitness

However, if you really do want to stay indoors when it snows then you should order yourself an exercise DVD off the internet and have it delivered to your door (assuming the post is still running). A good one to try is most likely Zumba as this weight loss exercise is serious fun and it will help you lose a lot of weight whilst doing so.

Dress Like Santa

Some insist that wearing red provides more energy which will help you to burn more fat away. You can dress like Santa and test this controversial winter weight loss tip. Other options would be to wear red underwear or red t-shirts. Red pajamas are also in question for weight loss during sleep!

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