Calligraphy Tattoos Symbols and Meaning

Tattoo Calligraphy is gaining acceptance among the youth in a big way. If you want to have a funky looking image on your arm, leg, neck or waist then why not go for a calligraphic one which looks elegant as well as conveys a well thought out message.

Calligraphy Tattoos

The popularity of usage of calligraphic representations as a body art in the form is immense.Ancient calligraphic styles are extremely popular especially the ones that have deep roots in the Far East. Chinese calligraphy that is considered to be one of the finest in the world has its own loyal fan following. Similarly calligraphic styles from Japan and India have appealed to tattoo enthusiasts and artists over the past few years.Arabic calligraphy is one of the hottest scriptures that is ruling the world in terms of popularity among tattoo designers.

Calligraphy Tattoos Five Types Used

  1. Seal Script Calligraphy Tattoos: This is known as the Mysterious Style and is the most ancient form of writing found in China. Many seal scripts resemble pictogram and feature idealized forms of animals or nature, and even resemble the home or building the artist is conveying the story about. For those who love the mysterious Samurai or Asian fantasy arm band tattoos, this is the art form that works well with those types of calligraphy tattoos.
  2. Clerical Script Calligraphy Tattoos: The smooth strokes and elegant curves of this style are wonderful for names and short phrases. Perfect for feminine and delicate flower tattoos. This style of calligraphy tattoos also works well for the delicate details of intricate masculine dragon tattoos.
  3. Cursive Script Calligraphy Tattoos: The abstract beauty of the grass style is perfect for tribal tattoos and for those who like to walk on the wild side with their expressive, chaotic hard to identify tattoos.
  4. Regular Script Calligraphy Tattoos: This is the most common style used for its natural flow, unadorned and easily readable symbols. Perfect for creating symbols for proverbs or phrases with deep meaning like strength, courage, honor, harmony.
  5. Running Script Calligraphy Tattoos: While similar to cursive script, this style is easier to read and is more dynamic and open. Perfect for those who are more liberal in their thinking and expressions.

Calligraphy Tattoo Designs

The most prominent script used in making these tattoos is the cursive writing, which is also referred to as grass writing. The designs are considered to be elegant with their graceful slanting and free-flowing patterns. The patterns of the letters are sometimes so intricately woven that the observers may take a while to know what is actually written. Cursive or running calligraphy script is mostly used for English letters.

You also have the option of making calligraphy tattoos with Chinese writing and words. These can later be chosen to be made using other different fonts. Another good one is the Arabic style of calligraphy tattoos. Islamic patterns of tattoos are getting more popular these days, with scriptures from the Koran. Good tattoo options can even be words in Hindi or Sanskrit. A good Bible verse can be a good choice to show your spiritual side to the people. Similarly, you can use any kind of words or sentences you want in making a personalized calligraphy tattoo for yourself.

Calligraphy tattoos can be sported individually or with other tattoos as well. This means that you can choose to have a dragon tattoo done, explaining its message with Japanese calligraphy tattoos in the appropriate script. In this way, you can combine calligraphy tattoos with many other types of tattoos. Coming to the color of calligraphy tattoos, these are usually made using the conventional black or green color. However, some tattoo enthusiasts may even opt for wearing tattoo with different colors.

Calligraphy Tattoos In Different Shapes and Sizes

Most calligraphy tattoos are short, or can be framed in the seal design, so placement of these tattoos in small private areas is not a problem. Calligraphy tattoos can also be scaled into larger back piece tattoos which can take on the look of wonderful rice paper murals with deep color and other tattoo elements like lotus tattoos added for depth and meaning.
Calligraphy tattoos are created using meaningful words with simple symbols, that carry deep personal meaning.

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