From Making to Selling Your Custom T-shirts Online. A-Z Beginner Tips

If you like fashion and are genuinely passionate about clothing, you can make good money online these days. You don’t need to be a professional artist, but you have to experiment a bit.

According to, you can easily create and sell your own custom T-shirts in three steps:

  • Select a T-shirt model and the colors
  • Add a design or create one
  • Sell your personalized T-shirt online

Making Your Own Custom T-shirts Online

Nowadays, many printing websites offer customization apps and other features to help people create their own clothes from the comfort of their homes. Once you’ve found a reliable printing website, explore the options presented by them.

See what T-shirt models and colors they have, and then play around with their customization apps. With the available software, you can choose existing designs, alter them a bit, create designs from scratch, or upload your existing artworks.

If you have some good photographing skills, you can just as easily upload some awesome photos to be printed on your customized T-shirts. If you already have an online store, you should be able to discover what your audience is interested in, what works, and what doesn’t.

The important thing is to follow the design tips and guidelines of the printing website you decide to work with and stick with the rules for high-quality T-shirt customization. This way, your creation will look exactly how you expect.

If you have trouble creating your own designs, you can always ask a friend or go online for some inspiration from other artists. Then, all you have to do is take care of the ordering process. Some websites even sell their designs so you can use them right away.

Selling Your Custom T-shirts Online

Selling your custom T-shirts online is just as fun as creating them. Again, you need to find a reliable printing website that provides high-quality fabrics and uses digital/screen or embroidery printing.

Some of these printing websites can help promote your brand, but it’s essential to have your own website to sell your T-shirts. You need to focus on social media platforms to promote your website and products.

The best part about collaborating with printing websites is that they can help you eliminate the need to have an inventory or take care of orders. This is offered by websites that have a drop shipping policy.

Essentially, the providers will offer print-on-demand services that will directly integrate with your store. This way, you can take on many more orders, and your provider will print and ship your customized T-shirts for you.

Many find this business strategy appealing as they don’t need to purchase or have an inventory at all. Apart from this, you can focus on creating more customized items, such as mugs, accessories, tote bags, and more. You will save time as well since you won’t deal with the extra work.

Final Words

Making and selling custom T-shirts online has never been easier. Focus on a niche, create your own style, and kickstart your online clothing store! Always research the market to see what works and what doesn’t, and let your dreams come true.

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