Rib Tattoos: Rib Tattoo Art

Thinking about getting a rib tattoo? Here are a few things to consider before the tattoo ink starts flowing. typical human rib cage consists of 24 bones arranged in 12 pairs and acts as protectors of the organs in the upper body. And yes, they are definitely bony areas which means more pain during tattooing with the absence of fats and tissues that supposedly serve as padding to the skin. Rib cage tattoos are special and one of kind considering the pain that one has to go through to get this body art done.

Since most designs done for this area are usually on a bigger scale, it normally takes more than one session to have it fully inked. As with any design, the hardest part of getting a rib tattoo (after the discomfort factor, of course) is deciding on what designs to go for. Since these are forever, you have to be sure that its what you really want. This ladies rib tattoo in the picture is a perfect example of what can be done with a little forethought and a bit of pain. What design do you have in mind for your rib tattoo?

Rib tattoos can really be sexy in a woman as it follow through the shape to emphasize the natural curves of the body. The rib cage is comparable to a big canvas to work on so its important that you choose a design that would compliment your whole body. Most women who had rib tattoos done on them choose floral designs starting from the hip area all the way up to the side of the breast. Cherry blossom tree tattoos are popular on the ribs of sexy women done in the colors of dark pink or red complete with leaves and twigs.

While this can look really captivating, there are other flowers to prospect that would look really gorgeous as design for rib tattoos stargazer lily, orchid and Hawaiian flowers like hibiscus and plumeria, to name a few. Groups of butterflies and stars tattooed with vibrant colors can also look astounding since they can be perfectly symmetrical to fit the rib area.

Once again, a rib tattoo can be one of the most painful tattoos that a person can get. Also that area of the body can be quite challenging for an artist to ink due to each person’s unique size, shape and natural curves. But, if an artist is properly found and a person has given the rib tattoo a lot of thought it can be pretty impressive.

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