Massive Collection of Best Horseshoes Tattoo Designs

One of the principal attributes of tattoos down through the ages has been the belief that they serve as amulets and talismans of protection, that they may ward off evil spirits and that they may act as charms or good luck for the wearer. The horseshoe is perhaps one of the world’s most widely known symbols of good luck.

The design of a horseshoes tattoo is fairly straight forward, generally a U-shape facing upward to supposedly catch the good luck falling from the sky. Often they are drawn with other good luck symbols such as clovers or dice to add to the luck effect. Sometimes associated with gambling and horse racing they can also represent a certain addictive personality type, therefore, mindful placement and consideration must be advised when selecting such an expressive tattoo.

Horseshoe Tattoo Design for Hand

Horseshoe Tattoo Design

Horseshoe Tattoo for Arm

Horseshoe Tattoo for Back

Horseshoe Tattoo for Girls

Horseshoe Tattoo for Men

Horseshoe Tattoo for Women

Horseshoe Tattoo on Arm

Horseshoe Tattoo on Hand

Horseshoe Tattoo

Latest Horseshoe Tattoo Design

Latest Horseshoe Tattoo Trend

Horseshoe Tattoo Latest Design

Horseshoe Tattoo Latest Style

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