How To Care For Eyes with Constant Screen Time

Constant use of digital devices can cause serious harm to our eyes. When your work requirement is to be in constant contact with the  computer screen then you have to pay special attention to Eye Care. Your eyes can get stressed and you might feel strain in your eyes.  This can irritate your eyes, cause blurry vision, and even make your eyesight weak. 

Taking care of your eyes is important if you want to maintain good eyesight in old age. However, it gets difficult to maintain eye health when  your eyes are constantly fixed on a computer screen. If you can not avoid being without your digital device, then here are some things that  you can do to protect your eyes from damage. 

Practice Eye Exercise

When you have been using the computer or mobile phone for too long, your eyes get fixed to vision nearby objects. Our eyes relax  naturally when we look at things placed at a distance. Constantly fixing your eyes on objects very close to you can damage your eyes and  weaken your eyesight. 

You should practice some exercises to make your eyes relaxed. You should look as far as your sight goes to make your eye muscles relax  for a while. You can stare at the sky or look at the landscapes. 

Use Protection

Screen light can damage your eyes very badly. The blue light that is emitted from digital devices is particularly hazardous to the human  eye. It can irritate your eyes causing itchiness and strain. Therefore, you should use protection against blue light. 

You should look for blue light glasses that protect your eyes from the harm of blue light. You can also use protection on your computer screen if you can not wear glasses for too long. 

Consult Optometrist Regularly

Whether you are using your digital devices constantly or not, you should get your eyes checked by a reliable optometrist frequently. Your  eye doctor will take a look at your eyes and detect any damage. 

If you feel irritation, blurry vision, or pain in your eyes you should consult your doctor immediately. Your doctor should know your work  routine so that they can advise you better. 

Incorporate Vitamins in Your Diet

Your diet should contain all the essential vitamins needed to maintain eye health. Your diet should be rich in these vitamins,

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin C
  • Beta Carotenes
  • And Zinc

You can incorporate food that is a source of these vitamins and minerals such as carrots, oranges, colourful fruits and vegetables.  Deficiencies in any of these vitamins can cause eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataract, and other age-related eye diseases. If you are  not getting these nutrients in your diet, then you should consider supplements to overcome the deficit.

Final Words

Eye health is important to maintain your vision for a longer time. If you are in constant contact with digital devices then you should take  extra care of your eyes and take every step to maintain your eye health.

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