The Best Fitness Workouts To Learn from Madonna

Madonna is considered a pop icon but she is not only known for her songs, she is also known for looking very fit. Everyone knows that Madonna, 52, has some serious biceps and a penchant for yoga, so it’s only fitting that she’s making a foray into the fitness-club world.

She is almost an exercise fanatic. This is what her routine looks like based on a series of TV programs on her and information leaked about her. Read on to get the info on the fitness routine designed by her trainer Tracy Anderson and how she keeps her body in tip top shape!

The Most Effective Madonna Fitness Tips

  • Madonna works out every morning religiously at 8am. After a late night out it might be pushed back to 10:30am but the workout is completed. It’s essential to be flexible but committed.
  • Madonna has also embraced macrobiotic diet. Accordingly, she will have a vegetable soup for breakfast along with either fresh vegetables or fruits or their juice.
  • She makes food and exercise a priority and embraces it as a lifestyle, not something she does for tours.
  • Combine Cardio with Weights: The Material girl works out six days a week for an hour at a time and her trainer’s fitness tip is to do 30 minutes of cardio along with 30 minutes of weight lifting and stretching.
  • Again more macrobiotic food (that is different from raw diet) that includes lots of vegetables and protein-rich dishes made from tofu, seeds, bean sprouts, etc.
  • She goes 100% on her exercise. She really dedicates herself to the exercise, so much that while rehearsing for her Super Bowl performance she worked out so much she pulled a hamstring =/ So, give 100% also but be careful with form and injuries.
  • Avoid Bulk: Madonna’s trainer is all about not overdoing exercises to the point you bulk up. Whether it’s strength training or crunches, Madonna’s workouts focus on lots of reps while keeping the weights low and focusing on working certain parts of the body so that you don’t bulk up any certain body part.

And these are some of the things Madonna does to keep her great shape and energy for those most likely exhausting tours. Remember to always consult a physician before starting an exercise program and start slow, you will get results if you keep at it!

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