Why Exercising is Important When Trying to Lose Weight

Losing weight demands effort. It takes the determination to withstand the temptation of eating unhealthy foods, undesirable habits and of course laziness to do workouts.  Before flexing those muscles, we will study why exercising is vital when trying to lose weight.

1st Reason: Exercising is a good means to burn Calories.  This process is essential as you balance the energy food you eat as well as the amount of energy your body is capable of burning.  In this way, as you burn more calories than you take in through exercise, you will definitely shed some pounds.  For this reason, being physically active may aid in controlling weight. To reiterate this, you will be overweight whenever you are not able to use the calories from the food you eat.  Therefore, the excess calories not being used as fuel for your supposedly daily activities are being stored as fat and substantially give additional weight.

2nd Reason: Exercising can speed up your metabolism.  As your lean muscle mass increases, your metabolism directly increases also which is a great help in your weight loss program.  In this regard, walking, swimming, cycling and other aerobic exercises can help in the speeding up of metabolic rate of your body. Thus, this increased rate is maintained even up to 8 hours after you have finished your exercise.  The good news is, even you are sleeping or resting, the burning of calories won’t stop. Additionally, it is ideal to do these exercises early in the morning.

3rd Reason: Exercising can turn fats into lean muscles.  Having regular exercises may as well reduce the amount of fats in your body while increasing the mass of your lean muscles. Such exercises include resistance training, strength training as well as weight lifting.  On the other hand, these exercises may not really help to speed up the metabolic rate of your body  that’s why, a combination of aerobic exercises in addition to the said exercises would be ideal for an optimal weight loss.

4th Reason:  Exercising can improve your mental health as well.  Beyond physical benefits, trying to lose weight can bolster your confidence and will keep you motivated to improve. Thus, doing this regularly will reinforce you to keep it until you reach your desired weight. In this aspect, as dieting will in turn cause your metabolism to slow down and cause you to lose muscle, exercises will allow you to feel motivated and metabolism elevated. This is especially true with cardio exercises. What’s more, as dieting may let you feel anxious or stressed, that may eventually lead to overeating if not properly addressed, exercising will definitely reduce such undesirable feelings.

5th Reason:  Exercising can reduce the effect of yoyo dieting.  As the term implies, yoyo dieting is a cycle of bingeing, thus repeating the cycle again and again.  As an effect, the dieter may gain weight overtime.  So yoyo dieting without exercise may only worsen the problem. In effect, during the binge phase, fat is gained.  Thus, exercising is vital to counteract the problem.

If you have a serious goal to shed some pounds, weight loss exercises (aside from diet) are your best options. However, exercise may not sound enjoyable if you think of it as work. That is why you need to stick to workouts that seem enjoyable. You may want to try running, swimming, mountain climbing, or why not walk or take the stairs instead of using the elevator.

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