Best Arm Hair Removal Methods For Women

Arm hair for some people is a big problem and they would rather not have it there to begin with in the first place. Models, athletes and many other individuals do not like having hair on their bodies at all. Many of these people have already taken hair removal treatments to make their careers and personal lives easier.

You can have smooth beautiful arms. Read these ways to remove your arm hair.

  • Shave your arms using a quality razor and sweet smelling shave cream. This option seems like an obvious quick fix, but like all hair removal techniques; it does have it negatives. Some people report that hair grows in thicker after shaving, while others do not. It can be messy and there is the possibility of nicks and cuts. Some people prefer to trim hairy arms instead. However, this could make your arms look even worse.
  • Try a depilatory hair removal creme. The same cremes you use for your legs, might work for your arms as well. One downside to this method is that many people report skin irritation caused by the chemicals.
  • Use a hair bleach to make darker arm hair appear less noticeable. While you won’t remove the hair, this is yet another alternative to shaving with a razor.
  • Try one of those new hair removal mitts or buffers. While this method is often less effective, it does exfoliate the skin. This method may work for those with thinner hair that can be easily rubbed away.
  • Laser hair removal is now a very popular form of hair removal. This can be very effective for many people, but also can be very painful and expensive.
  • Waxing or sugaring can be an affordable choice for hair removal. It can be done at the salon or at home. As with many hair removal options, it can painful. Some people report ingrown hair challenges with this method, but overall it can be a very effective method. Some people have even used duct tape to rip out unwanted arm hair, but this can be very dangerous and painful.
  • Purchase an electronic shaver. The electronic shaver you use for your legs could work well for your arms. Although this is a temporary hair removal method, it may be a better option for those who do not want the risks associated with using a traditional sharp razor.
  • Buy an electric or battery operated epilator. An epilator rips hair out and is one of the most effective ways to remove arm hair. It is also one of the most painful methods, but the results may be worth it. Hair will take time to grow back in, and may grow in thinner over time, as with waxing.
  • Ponder the idea of combining methods to achieve smooth hairless arms. Consider purchasing an electronic shaver that can also be used as an epilator. Or, try waxing once a month at the salon and touching up at home with a hair removing buffer. Use the links on this page below to research more hair removal options for your arms.


Always test a hair removal technique first as a precaution.

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