6 Amazing Spring Acne Care Tips

Spring time always feels like a new beginning, so it’s the perfect time of year to reassess your skin care routine. Healthy skin is truly a reflection of a healthy body. Good habits to care of your skin always take apart to get acne free. Here are some simple healthy skin solutions if you’re suffering from acne:

The Best Acne Care Tips for Spring Season

  1. Reevaluate your moisturizer: If you are using a more emollient moisturizer to ward off wintertime dryness, now may be time to make the switch to a lighter product. Most people find their oil production revs up during the warmer months, so you may not need a heavier cream.
  2. Avoid wash cloths or sponges. Count on your fingertips when washing your face with cleanser, or even when you’re putting on makeup. Rough surfaces will typically aggravate infected skin and make it very difficult for your skin to calm down and heal. Be gentle whenever you’re touching your face!
  3. Stresses do not cause acne, but stresses and not enough sleep may make acne worse. As acne free treatment, plenty of exercise can help reduce stress.
  4. Using sunscreen regularly will help your skin to look younger longer. Besides, after a long, dark winter, think of how susceptible your skin will be to sun burn! Get a good sunscreen, with a 30 SPF, and slather it on every day. Only choose oil-free, noncomedogenic options to avoid aggravating acne.
  5. Choose skin care products and makeup that are oil-free, perfume-free, and non-comedogenic.
  6. Hairspray can clog up pores on your forehead and the sides of your face; this can have an especially inflammatory effect for those suffering from acne, but you can avoid the trigger altogether by eliminating hairspray and other chemically-laden products from your haircare regimen.

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