When Dating, Dress Like a Man

You’ve made it, you’ve got the date you have been hoping for and all the hard work and grafting is over. Well not quite, this is where you dress to impress. All the hours you have put in with this special someone has been worth it, now it’s time to make it work for you. Whether it’s been an office romance at a distance or months of well-sculptured messages on an Indian dating site such as Flirt.com then either way the next choice you make can be the difference to logging back online or deciding where to go next.

My advice is to dress like a man, I know this sounds simple but if you’re meeting a woman, then dress in a way that she understands and can take you seriously. The aim here to present yourself in a manner that lets her know that you are serious about these next steps.

But why?

Well, I will tell you why, first of all and one that is close to my heart dressing up, or dressing well displays your level of social ability. Choosing the right outfit for the right occasion or environment indicates your social skills and confidence in a given situation. This in itself is attractive, this initial positive impression will exacerbate what she thinks of you immediately because at this point she has very little to go by as the date hasn’t even started. First impression is key, it shows confidence, social skills and ability, or inability to conduct yourself in an environment where interaction is paramount

On a selfish note dressing well puts you in the correct frame of mind. If you feel your outfit is suitable for you, for the environment, for her then this is your uniform, or dare I say it, your armour.  By wearing a uniform you are automatically up for the job in hand, to be prepared for the date is important to getting a good start. If you don’t feel comfortable, or uneasy then this will ooze out of you and sap your confidence. Women like confidence, and once you have chosen the right outfit, Mr. Confident will take over!

Another reason why is quite simply, because attraction really does matter. The woman your dating really does care about your appearance, the right clothing can strengthen, or weaken your best features and hides your less attractive ones. Healthy, well-groomed looking men are attractive to women, dressing well will get your date off to an attractive start!

What to Wear?

Rule number one relaxed does not mean sloppy. Your date may well be casual, outdoors, or even a sport or activity but you can still dress on point. Avoid old, shabby, dated clothes or anything that suggests that you didn’t put effort in to your outfit. After all as discussed earlier you want to be taken seriously and that you are ready to take the next steps with your date. For example dark, or black jeans set the tone for a smart casual look, but also gives you the option to add a shirt or a sports jacket to make it more informal. This look allows you to wear shoes or smart well matched trainers, but of course not running ones.

Evening wear, evening events and dinner dates do usually suggest that you wear a dinner jacket. However, this is not always the case as mentioned earlier a smart sports jacket with some smart shoes and belt often tie in smart casual dates in the day that may lead into the evening. Although back with the jacket, this traditional classic will transport you into the realms of looking masculine, authoritative, smart and confident, all of which accumulate to you looking, attractive! The jacket allows you the option to take it off, displaying a more casual fitted t-shirt underneath or of course a tie less shirt. The choice is yours!

On a Budget?

If your dating week after week and really getting yourself out there then dressing up for every occasion as well as the date itself can become expensive. The key is to find your style, and an range of clothes you feel comfortable and more so confident in. Once this style has been found then where you get the clothes from does not realty matter at this stage. Second hand stores are  great options to shop around, mix and match, and pick apart outfits and individual pieces of clothing that suit you for a next to nothing price. Be prepared to wade through endless rails of misfits and shabby apparel, but trust me when I say you will know it when you see it. More often than not the prices are usually so good you can afford to wear it once and if you still don’t think it’s right then donate it back to the store. Casual date jackets, fitted t-shirts, a full suit, even shoes are amongst these rails if you look close enough. Even if you find something you like that doesn’t quite fit, then the rock bottom price allows you to afford to have the garment altered to fit your style and shape. Who doesn’t look confident and attractive in personally tailored clothing!

When dating a man is expected to be well groomed, well dressed and more importantly appropriately dressed. From here once you have established your style and confidence in an outfit you should now forget about it, that’s right, forget about what you’re wearing. Use the confidence you have gained from being comfortable and wearing a new outfit to focus in on your date and show her you’re serious about being there. Relax and enjoy!

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