Equip Yourself with These 5 Tactical Gears to Survive in the Wild

Sketching out a hiking trip or a camp during the weekdays is one of the few things that allow us to get in touch with our raw, primal instincts. However, the ever-growing dependency on technology has made us extremely vulnerable and incapable of venturing out into the woods without any proper survival gears.

Our limitless natural survival instincts, upon which our ancestors depended on for centuries have shrunk down to the mere efficiency of getting out of our bed to keep our smartphone to charge. It goes without saying that such mediocre survival skills are more than useless if you want to challenge the raw nature of our wild counterpart.

Equipping yourself with proper survival gadgets adds an additional layer of security and protection, in case, your weekend hiking trip does not particularly go as planned. Some specific gadget websites like https://www.dfydaily.com offer amazing deals on some of the most unique and functional survival gadgets allowing you to venture out into the thick woods with a convincing sense of safety and security.

1. Survival Hand Knife

When it comes to surviving out in the Wild, the genuine sense of safety that you feel with yourself plays the utmost crucial role. After all, you are only as safe and confident as you feel when you’re stranded alone, and that is precisely the nature of sentiment a sharp hand knife encourages when you are in possession of one.

For every type of catastrophic events you can imagine, a hand knife plays a crucial role in allowing you to get yourself out of those situations. From cutting dead twigs to make a fire to latching it onto a pole to use it as an efficient spear, hand knives find ample practical functionality to help you survive in the wild effortlessly.

2. AquaPure Drinking Straw

Survival on the wild side of the civilization is not only about finding the right defensive tools to protect yourself from the threat of our four-footed counterparts. It also involves a good deal of knowing how to utilize the natural resources that it offers, and making proper use of the abundance of waterfalls under that category.

It would be highly impractical to make fire and boil water every time you feel thirsty. But, at the same time, you cannot risk gulping down the unfiltered water as well. AquaPure drinking straw works as a normal water straw, but it comes with an embedded filter system that cleans out almost 99.99% of the germs and bacteria present in the raw water. Thus, allowing you to stay hydrated without any fear of contamination.

3. Hand Crank Radio Flashlight

When talking about survival, it is always a better option if you have a single gadget that can perform multiple functionalities with ease. This reduces the number of gears you would have to pack on your backpack, but most importantly, it provides you with a solid and reliable companion to put your trust on. A hand-crank radio flashlight delivers the equivalent functionality. Instead of packing a separate radio and flashlight unit, this survival gear allows you to both stay alert for any type of unpredictable incoming weather and also help you find your way around the eerie dark woods as well.

The hand-crank mechanism also means you will never run out of power as long as you can manage to utilize your upper body strength efficiently as well.

4. Tigress Alert Keychain Alarm

If you are going to venture out into the wild side, it is probably a wiser option to consider that your authentic plans might go down south hill. You can equip yourself with all the survival kits you want, but, ultimately nothing can compare to the significance of having a powerful alarm gadget that can enable other people to respond to your cry and come to your aid.

A tigress alert keychain alarm can be easily clipped on to your survival kit backpack and can be used as a medium to send out a high-frequency panic alarm that can travel through a generous distance to notify any nearby person (s). It can also be used as a LED flashlight for any emergency situations as well. Apart from alerting nearby units, the ear-piercing alarm can scare away any potential attacks as well.

5. LightStrike 360 Laser Pointer

Laser pointers find a crucial application while stranded out into the woods. In contradiction to what LED flashlights do, laser pointers can be used specifically to send out distress signals. This is primarily because of the long-range light intensity that laser pointers have in contradiction to the scattered light intensity of the flashlight.

In addition to using it as a distress signaling device, laser pointers can also be used for preventing any potential threats from wild creatures as well.

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