Is Botox A Better Alternative Than Surgical Options

The anti-ageing industry has been growing at a consistent speed over the past decade.  Traditionally the big-spending has been in cosmetics. Cosmetic products however only fix the problems on the surface. It requires the user to put an effort every day.  Today customers are looking for better solutions. Botox brought about a revolution in anti-ageing.

What is Botox?

Botox is the brand name for botulinum toxin that when used in small doses can temporarily paralyse muscle groups on the face. Such use of Botox removes wrinkles and fine lines that appear from the contraction of those muscles.

Botox is administered by a qualified professional as injections directly to the facial muscles.  The effects last for around four months, after which the user should take another dose. The best Botox London clinics would not charge a lot to harm your pocket so you can easily plan for the treatment.

What are some surgical options?

People sometimes turn to surgery, looking for long term solutions. The most common surgery they opt for is a facelift. Technically known as rhytidectomy, it is a procedure that gives the patient a more youthful appearance. The effects of a facelift can last for close to ten years. Facelift surgery in London could cost around £10000.

What route is better?

Now that we have examined both methods we could discuss which one is better.  Botox injections last for a much shorter time when compared to a surgical solution.  To get a similar result the customer would be required to get treatment sessions at least twice a year. Botox treatment also comes with the discomfort of getting a string of injections directly on the face.

Facelifts last for a decade or more. They are usually performed by a surgeon who understands the face. The procedure is much more expensive than getting a Botox treatment. One could argue that the cost of several Botox treatments over the years would add up to a similar amount one would spend on facelift surgery. In light of such information is one to presume that getting a facelift is the better option? The answer is not necessarily.

Botox is delivered through injections over short sessions. A facelift is a surgical procedure that takes a longer visit to the clinic. It requires anaesthesia. Anaesthesia could have adverse effects on a patient, especially in their old age.  It will also need the patient to keep a few weeks aside for recovery from the procedure. It takes more effort in terms of post procedure care in the case of a facelift. Unlike a Botox administration, a facelift alters the appearance in a more drastic way. For some people, it might give them an unnatural appearance.

Which procedure to choose is completely up to the individual who will have to go through the procedure. In a way, it is not a fair comparison.  One method provides a solution that costs less, lasts for a shorter period of time and also requires little to no recovery time. The other method offers a long term solution, with a longer period of recovery time. It is also more expensive.

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