Fayyaz Ahmed Biography Professional Fashion Photographer

{YBA} Fayyaz Ahmad is very talented and sharp mind expert in his profession of still photography for fashion and all kind of photo shoot of models. We are writing a Profile of Fayyaz Ahmad life history, biodata.

Fayyaz Ahmad Personal Profile

Pakistani Fashion Industry is proudly producing talented Fashion Photographers,Like Fayyaz Ahmed. Fayyaz Ahmed is a professional photographer based in Karachi, Pakistan.

Fayyaz Ahmed Profession and Career

Fayyaz Ahmed is very talented person. In a short career span of barely 3 years, Fayyaz Ahmed has managed to carve a name for himself. Portrait and Fayyaz Ahmad preserved the many beauty Icons of the Fashion and Style world, through the lens of his camera. Striving for fresh and original images, his work is recognized as having added a new dimension among his peers.

Profession Life History of Efforts

Fayyaz is a self-taught photographer who detests formula photography and strives to create a new image every time. Son of an artist mother and educated as a computer engineer, his approach is a unique combination of aesthetic sensibilities and technical understanding of light and camera.

Fayyaz Ahmad Information of Success

Fayyaz Ahmad has photographed many leading Fashion models and gave them a new look through just a click. Fayyaz has proved himself in his field in such a short span of time, due to his dedication towards photography. Ahmad did his ever first shoot in 2006 and then he has professionally entered into this field in 2007.

Fayyaz Ahmad Photo-shoot for Fashion shows and Magazines

His work gets regularly published in all the leading publications including Dawn Images, Instep, Libaas, Diva, Herald, Newsline, Visage and FAQ. He also shoots high profile campaigns for commercial clients and TV channels.

Fayyaz Ahmed Famous Pakistani Photographer

Fayyaz Ahmed Photo Gallery

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