How To Do It Yourself Cobweb Shredded T-Shirt

{YBA} Cobweb Shredded T-Shirt very impressive and simple method of making yourself cobweb shredded T-Shirt. Just try it and enjoy latest trendy fashion in summer or as you like to wear.

I’m one of those who still believe trends and fashion come cheap with a little imagination effort.

All that stands between you wearing a wonderful web shredded tee and a normal white tee is a pair of scissors, to start with! Click through to see how it’s done.

So we take a plain white racerback tank top and make a small scissor cut along the stitching at the bottom hem. Then take your beautiful, talented hands and start ripping along the hemline and then separate individual threads one by one.

Make sure you have reserved an hour for doing this, the idea is to have as many separated, un-broken threads as possible to make the web an authentic one.
Step 1, To Do It Yourself Cobweb Shredded T-Shirt

Now all you have to do is wear your newly shredded tee with whatever fancies you: another tee underneath, a bra, a bustier. Anything goes as long as the main feature of your wardrobe will remain the dechiré tee.

Diy Web Tee Step 2
To Do It Yourself Cobweb Shredded T-Shirt

Diy Web Tee Step 3
To Do It Yourself Cobweb Shredded T-Shirt

How To Do it Yourself Web Tee

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