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{YBA} Stylish and Comfortable Jeans Minis
Mini Skirts have been a hot, yet refreshing, item for many years. With summer temperatures rising more each year and the number of sunny days increasing, there really is no other garment that provides more comfort for a women, than a miniskirt does.

Saving and Pricing of Miniskirt
Based of the production costs and materials, a short mini skirt or hot pants is the cheapest item any designer denim garments manufacturer can produce, next to denim wallets. The average fabric consumption for such an mini-skirt is well below a yard, usually the quantity is less than half of fabric that is required to make a pair of women’s tight pants.

Cotton Jeans Mini Skirt Style
From A-line to cut-off, there’s a a style to suit everyone. Team with a white t-shirt, gladiator sandals for daytime chic or heels for night-time glamor.

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