15 Easy Tips To Get Healthy Hairs At Home

Hair is one of the most attractive aspects of an individual’s personality and long and healthy hair imitates the general health as well. In our day to day activity, it is very much at risk to the stresses and nervous tensions and it is also get disturbed by the type and quality of intakes. Hair is formed in minute pockets in the skin known as follicles. An up growth at the base of the follicle, called papilla produces hair. Hair is made up of keratin, a type of protein. They tend to be the body’s barometer that indicates good health or the poor health.

If you are not taking proper diet then it reflects on your hair and they will lose their shine and become tedious and fragile. So it is very essential to take a balanced or healthy diet and also make sure to practice exercises regularly so that your hair follicles gets adequate blood and they remains strong.

Healthy hair is a sign of a healthy lifestyle and diet. Constant hair treatments like straightening, perms and hot treatments on your hair damage the texture of your hair and cause hair fall. Keeping your hair healthy can also prevent split ends and dandruff. A few simple tips will help to keep your hair healthy and give it a shiny look.

Home Remedies For Healthy Hair:

  1. Apply olive oil (or Mustard Oil) at bed time and wash off the hair next morning.
  2. Boil mustard oil. A regular massage of this oil is helpful.
  3. Always maintain a balanced diet with exercise for a healthy head of hair. Drinking plenty of water and eating plenty of raw fruits and vegetables is probably the best way to achieving healthy hair.
  4. Wash your hair with a paste of cooked Urad dal (black beans) and fenugreek (methi) 2-3 times a week.
  5. Trim the hair every 4 to 5 weeks even if you are growing it.
  6. Coconut oil mixed with lime- juice on the hair applied daily is also good for hair health.
  7. Do not use any old rubber band just to keep hair off the face. Rubber bands tend to break or split hair. Instead just use a scrunchy or a fabric coated elastic band.
  8. Do not brush wet hair too harshly because its three times weaker and more likely to break off mid strand. Towel dry hair first, then gently detangle using a wide tooth comb.
  9. Rinse your hair with lemon juice can to bring life and shine back to dull hair.
  10. If you have dandruff then one of the oldest ways to is to apply a mixture of vinegar and water on the scalp. Make a mixture of Vinegar and water and apply it on the scalp before yo go to bed. Keep it for the whole night, Rinse your head with vinegar water again in the morning. You will see the result within few weeks.
  11. Another good way to get rid of dandruff is to soak ground fenugreek seeds overnight in water and massage the paste on the head, leaving it for a few minutes and then wash it.
  12. Mix Banana in Honey and apply on hair for 30 to 40 min, and then wash it for that sheen in your hair.
  13. For stopping your hair from getting gray, you can mix Bhringraj (Eclipta elba), Amala, corals, iron and black sesame seeds. It is very useful and even stops the graying of hair.
  14. Another good way is to keep head of healthy hair is to Apply juice of green coriander leaves on the head.
  15. Massage of olive oil and almond oil on your scalp is a good cure of dandruff.

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