Best Make Up Tips For Round Faces

One of the golden and time-tested rules of make up is indeed to match the perfect shades as well as techniques with our face shape.This factor will determine the flawless and A-list outcome of our chic makeover. The make up tips for round faces come to your help especially if you are still a freshmen in handling the various brushes and tones. Find out what’s hot and not when sporting the best make up style that would also flatter your features. Play up your image with some of the basic tricks to look fabulous.

Applying Foundation

Foundation can be used to add contours to your face which will add definition. Contouring is a trick which is used by celebrities to make faces look slimmer whilst maintaining a natural look. Contouring is achieved by using different shades of foundations in key areas to slim the face. Apply a lighter shade of foundation than your natural skin colour with a sponge to your forehead, tops of cheeks and chin. Then apply a darker shade to cheeks, the sides of your face and jaw line. Blend up towards the hairline and down towards the neck. Applying a darker shade again to the neck region will also help tone down the look of a double chin. Finish off with translucent powder. This technique will take practice to achieve the best look.

Applying Blusher

Apply blusher in the hollows of the cheekbones (underneath the cheekbones) will give a lengthier look to your face. Try using a bronzer as this continues to add contours to your face. Apply the blusher using a big fluffy brush using a back and forth motion. If you are not sure where to apply the blusher then suck in your cheeks. Have a look at the range from Bourjois Paris.

Applying Eyeliner

Line your eyes with a dark eyeliner and use a smudge tool to give a softer look. The in look for this season according to Rimmel UK is  all about black. Whether it’s a perfect liquid line, as seen at Louis Vuitton, or an Amy Winehouse inspired smudgy black line. It’s goodbye girlie make-up, hello punky, edgy eyes!”

Applying Eye Shadow

Apply a deep shade of eye shadow to the outside section of your eye lid. Add a lighter shade of eye shadow underneath the eyebrow and towards the middle of the eye lid. Take the eye shadow slightly over the width of the eye.


Use a lip liner and matching lipstick and add a touch of gloss to the centre of the bottom lip to accentuate luscious lips! Plus Size UK can recommend the Colour Surge Butter Shine Lipstick from Clinique UK . Why not check out the colours available.

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