Chewing Gum Removal from Hair Using Ice

{YBA} I am going to share an informative article that will help you to remove gum from hairs using ice. Getting gum in your hair is usually a disaster that results in tears, a trip to the barber, and an unplanned hair cut. Ice cube method is the least messy gum removal option.

1. Ice Cube Collection

Take some ice cubes. Either put the ice in a small plastic bag, ice pack or place it directly onto the chunk of hair that is covered with gum.

2. Ice the gum for about fifteen minutes.

Ice the gum for 10-15 minutes. It should harden so that you can take it off. Or Keep the ice on the hair until the hair begins to freeze.

3. Remove the Gum in pieces

When the hair is stiff enough, start pulling the chewing gum out of the hair, piece by piece if necessary. This may take several pieces of ice, and quite some time.  Be patient.  After the gum is removed, use some shampoo to get any of the remaining residue out.


This method of removing gum from hair is only recommended unless the gum is only worked into a few strands of hair. Some hair may break off when you are removing the gum from ice.

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