Top Pakistani Singer Shehzad Roy Profile and Photos

{YBA} Shehzad Roy Is Pakistani pop singer, favorite of all Asian teens guys college girls boys, Children and old peoples. Shehzad Roy is very talented smart boy nad has a sweet voice from God gifted.

Shehzad Roy Biography and Pictures

Shehzad Roy is one of the very famous Pop singers and humanitarian from Pakistan. He was born in Karachi, Pakistan. His birthday is on 16 february, 1977.

His father is a business man. His mother Nazli Qamar is a PHD holder house wife. He has an older sister who is married and lives in USA. He was moved to USA after his grade 5 and stayed there for few years. His grandma from paternal side ordered his parents to stop celebrating the birthdays of his and his sister.

Shehzad Roy Study and Education

He made his debut in music in 1995 with his first album Zindagi. At the time, he was only in grade 11. Even though he went on to get a Bachelors in Commerce, it was clear to him that music was going to be his career. From a young age, he was struck by the huge class divide in Pakistan’s society. When his cousins would visit from overseas, they would ask him why the street children were not in school studying.

Shehzad Roy Personal Career and Professional

As Roys’s humanitarian reach grew, so did the tone of his songs. He went from mainly singing romantic songs to songs that reflected social issues. In 2007, Shehzad Roy came out with a musical collaboration between him and queen of Sufi soul, Abida Parveen. Previously , she has never collaborated with any other musician on any project and this is also her first proper music video to date.

In 2008 Roy came out with a bang with the release of his socio-political defiant album, Qismat Apnay Haat Mein, (Fate Lies in One’s Own Hands) that he launched at the Karachi Juvenile Prison at Central Jail, in July 2008. He underscored the need to rehabilitate Pakistan’s justice system that ignores the pitiable conditions of many prisoners, most of whom have spent many years in jail just waiting on their court hearing.

Shehzad Roy Success of Life

While too many musicians in Pakistan seem content to skirt over issues of socio-political importance, treading the same dregs of human emotion again and again. However, after the boisterous Saali, Shehzad Roy has decided to pen an album of tracks that has more than its fair share of swipes at the current elites in charge of the nation.

Qismet Apnay Haath Mein has generated a substantial amount of hype and fanfare for the seemingly controversial material embedded within the album.

The soundtrack of Akshay Kumar’s upcoming movie “Khatta Meetha” features a song by Shehzad Roy. The song, titled “Bullshit” has been composed, written and sung in Pakistan. Khatta Meetha is a political satire revealing the rampant corruption in the Indian bureaucratic system. Akshay Kumar was looking for a theme track for his movie when he first met Shehzad Roy. He was immediately taken by Roy’s song “Laga Reh” and “Qismat Apne Haath Mein” and asked Roy to make an original song with the same theme.

Shehzad Roy Music Album and NGO Zindagi Trust

Shehzad has been dedicated to the building up of Zindagi Trust the NGO which springs from his passion for helping impoverished and uneducated children. Roy once said, “I feel so sad when I see some child working or on the streets not going to school. The Trust is my best effort to do something about that.”

The program has 25 schools across the country and uses unique teaching methods along with incentives to entice children to attend. If children pass daily assessments they are rewarded Rs20. Some people say its wrong to bribe children to be in school says Shehzad but well-off kids are rewarded for their marks all the time. There is no reason poor children should not have the same support.

Shahzad Roy award Tamgha-i-Imtiaz

Shehzad uses the proceeds from his concerts to support Zindagi Trust but has been spending his time making the organization more self-sufficient. For his efforts Shehzad was awarded the Tamgha-i-Imtiaz the youngest person and only pop singer to ever be honored by this Presidential recognition of efforts to help the impoverished of Pakistani society. Shehzad s work is found to be commendable by all even the Pakistani Prime Minister.

Shehzad Roy is credited for bringing Canadian music legend Bryan Adams to Pakistan for a charity concert. The concert was the first ever show done by a foreign music legend. Bryan Adams was impressed by the system of I Am Paid To Learn campaign praised Shehzad.

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Shahzad Roy Mini Life History

Shahzad Roy Date of Birth: on 16 February, 1977
Shahzad Roy Birth Pace: Karachi Pakistan
Shahzad Roy father: Business man
Shahzad Roy mother: Nazli Qamar is a PHD holder

Shehzad Roy Albums List

  • Zindagi (1995)
  • Darshan (1997)
  • Teri Soorat (1999)
  • Rab Jaanay (2002)
  • Buri Baat Hai (2005)
  • Qismat Apney Haath Mein (2008)
  • Khatta Meetha OST (2010)

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