5 Common Hair Extensions Mistakes To Avoid and How to Properly Take Care of Hair Extensions

We usually spend a good amount of cash on our beloved hair extensions, and not to mention the time we spent getting it slain. So much so that we fail to remember even the tiniest detail. If you are planning to have extensions, doing the right thing and properly taking care of it is a must.

Here are the five essential factors you need to thoroughly check before buying a human hair extension:

Mistake #1: Poor quality human hair

We often think that if it’s a real human hair then its the real deal but most of the times it’s not. Some salon finds it strenuous to get a top-notch quality hair, even if it is pricey, it can still be over-processed and will not last long. If you are vying for a real human hair, go with unprocessed Remy hair. If you already have a virgin human hair extension, go for natural products and treat your extensions as your real hair. Avoid harmful hair chemicals and intensive heat at all cost.

Mistake #2: Poor color Blending

Hair extensions which are pre-made in strands are usually unicolor, or two-tone combination in a stripy strand, so don’t forget the color match, make sure it compliments your natural hair color. Not because it looks good on its own, it will be complementing your own locks. Go with experts advice especially if you are going with a semi-permanent or permanent hair extension. Do not compromise with the color match even if a slight variation is hardly noticeable. You should also never have to dye your own hair to just to match your hair extensions.

If you want to make a statement and opt for bold colors that are in contrast with your natural hair, then consider clip in extensions to avoid future regrets.

Mistake # 3: Strands too large for the section of your hair

Everyone is dying to have a natural look when wearing hair extensions. The hair strand must be balanced and placed using the right amount of your own hair, matching weight for weight of the client’s natural hair. This also goes with a pony tail hair extension, of course going for full volume is tempting but you have to be careful since it might look like you just placed a horse tail on top of your head if you overdo it. You bet it will never look good!

Mistake #4: Hair extensions not blended in and untrimmed

So we already talked about the importance of hair quality and we tend to forget the blending and hairstyle. Hair extensions have different length options and can blend close enough to your real hair length, however, some salons that don’t have enough experience tends to leave the extensions as is after attaching it to your hair leaving an uneven hair section. Don’t forget to ask your stylist to trim and style your hair after your extensions are attached, this also goes even for DIY clip in extensions.

Mistake #5: Lack of aftercare guidelines

A handful of Salons tend to forget guiding their customers on how to take good care of their newly attached extensions and just focus in terms of styling and the after look. You have to remember that each type of hair extensions has their Do’s and Don’ts. Effortless routines like styling the hair in low ponytails or pigtails at night and drying the roots thoroughly can prevent damage to the hair and helps preserve your human hair extensions.

Here’s how to effectively take care of hair extensions:

TLC is a must for any type of hair extension, believe me, it not as complex and time-consuming as you think it could be. It is given that you need to wash them and keep them untangled.  The steps below will help you prolong the life of your beloved lox:

1. Lightly brush the knots- use a detangling brush and don’t be too harsh while brushing. Knots can test your patience at times but you always have to remember the money and time you spent with your hairpiece.

2. When washing your extension, lay it flat on a sink or bathtub and gently wet them.

3. Apply conditioner to the extensions first before applying shampoo and wash gently.

4. It’s best if you rinse your hair extensions with lukewarm water.

5. If you have permanent hair extensions, make sure to consult your stylist on what products they ’ll recommend as each process is different.

Additionally, ensure your hair is totally dry before sleeping or if you are going to bed. If you really want your extensions to last longer whether its a clip in, tape in or pony tail hair extensions try braiding or putting your hair in pigtails before lying down. These tips and tricks can also be practiced on your natural hair. After all, by keeping your natural hair healthy, hair extensions are easier to blend.

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