Daily Hair Care Tips: Healthy Hair Secrets

Beauty does not mean beauty of your face; beauty is associated with every part of body. Head is called the crown of the body. In this condition it is considered the most important part of the body. You should take care your hair, looking after your hair is as important as any other part of the body.

Presently, environment around us contains many elements that affect the quality and type of hair. Some environmental factors such as pollution, air, harmful UV rays sunlight and harmful chemicals, less nutritious diet and lack of sleep affect the type and beauty of hair.

However, in order to attain this, it is very necessary to take proper care of the hair strands as well as the scalp, on an everyday basis. Oiling the hair once in six months or giving them a yearly conditioning treatment is not going to be enough.

The hair care steps needs to be incorporated in your daily routine. As you do this, you will be rewarded with healthy hair, which are full of gloss, shine, strength and luster. Want to know more about everyday hair care? Check out the tips listed in the following lines, just for you!

Care for Hair

One should clean the whole body as well as hair daily. Hair requires care according to its length as long hair requires more care and attention as compare to short hairs. As dust and dirt sticks on hair they require more care when it comes to cleaning and it should be in one’s daily routine.

As skin has types hairs too has types as normal, dry and oily and as the skin has different complexion, hair have different texture as straight, curly or wavy. Some people have silky or some have dry coarse hair. Many people suffer from dandruff or premature graying of the hair.

Everyday Hair Care Tips

  • Brushing your hair regularly with a good hair brush cleanses and polishes the hair and stimulates the scalp, which in turn increases the blood flow to the scalp. Brushing is also a wonderful conditioning treatment as it distributes oil to the hair and gets rid of scaly particles.
  • Trimming your hair at 6-8 weeks interval, helps bounce up your perm and refresh your hair colour, by removing dry and dead ends.
  • Regular Deep Conditioning treatments keep your hair in ultimate condition.
  • After shampooing and before applying a conditioner, gently blot your hair with a towel to remove excess water. This helps the conditioner to penetrate your hair and prevents it slipping off.
  • For swimmers or those who have copper pipes, using deep cleansing shampoos will protect hair from chlorine and discoloration from copper and other impurities in the water.
  • Use heat protector products when styling your hair with heat, like flat irons and hair dryers etc.
  • Handle wet hair gently, blot it dry gently rather than rubbing with the towel. Detangle long hair with your fingers and then use a wide tooth comb.
  • It is recommended to use hair care products containing sun screen to prevent damage and color loss, caused by harsh sun and wind.

Avoidable Thing

If you want healthy and long hairs you should avoid using hair dryers and if you use dryers you should stick hair dryer on one place for long time as this can harm your hair. Swimming is a good exercise but before jumping into a swimming pool wet your hair enough with plain water. As pool water contains chlorine, which is not good to your hair.

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