Hair Treatment with Hot Oil: The Natural Remedy for Hair Cure

Hot oil treatments have been used by many and are one of the best ways to grow hair, make it glossy and leave it very healthy. We all want beautiful shiny hair that we see on adverts and they all advertise shampoo, conditioners and creams; however these are so full of chemicals that they can damage hair leaving it lacking in luster.

This is why many salon stylists always recommend a hot oil treatment for hair. It has been used by Indians for many years in head massages and also by many beauty salons as a way to invigorate the scalp and leave hair looking beautiful.

Regular hot oil treatments are recommended very often for most hair problems ranging from dry and brittle hair to dandruff. Hair that has been exposed to the damaging effects of the sun, wind and pollution or harsh hair care products often becomes dry and brittle and requires intensive care to restore it to its natural health.

Benefits of Hot Oil Treatment for Hair

There are many benefits of hot oil treatment for the hair, the main being that if you have dry and brittle hair. It will saturate the hair and when applied thoroughly throughout the hair will repair breakages and coat the hair in a film that will give it a deep moisturising, nourishing treatment.

Next, it is definitely recommended to those who have used many hair treatments and always use hair dyes. The oils will repair the breakage and with continuous use will repair all the damage that the hair has received.

Furthermore, those with dandruff will benefit from hot oil treatments as the oils will deeply moisturise the scalp getting rid of the dandruff. In order for it to work properly, the treatment must be used continuously so it can get rid of the root of the problem with consistent hot oil treatments every week.

Main Role of Hot Oil for Hair Care

For a hot oil treatment, coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil or even olive oil is recommended. A few drops of essential oils such as rosemary, sage and peppermint can be added to the carrier oils to treat problems such as hair fall and weak hair. The bottle of oil can be placed in a bowl of hot water to heat it mildly over heating the oil is not recommended since it can lead to burns. Alternately, some oil can be poured into a bowl and heated in the microwave oven by placing the bowl in the microwave for approximately 2 minutes or long enough to become warm.

Homemade oil treatments can be made with a mixture of common household oils, such as soybean oil or olive oil, and even the use of mayonnaise.Heat the mixture in the microwave or stovetop, apply and massage into hair and scalp, leave on for ten to fifteen minutes for full penetration and rinse.

Hot oil treatments can help with dry scalp conditions including dandruff.Since oil and moisturizers are the key ingredient, they can condition the scalp and skin in addition to the hair.However, hot oil treatments are a temporary fix and must be repeated during on a regular basis to maintain their effectiveness.

Hot oil treatments for the hair are also recommended for everybody, those who want to make their hair look absolutely gorgeous should have a hot oil treatment weekly with a concoction of different oils. Within the first usage your hair should feel softer, after a couple of weeks you’ll definitely notice the difference!

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