Top 8 Simple and Easy Combination Skin Care Tips

Cleanse your skin naturally using products from your grocer or even organic cosmetics. A good natural cleanser for combination skin is raw honey. Raw honey is honey in its most natural form. Honey has skin healing properties and it helps the dry areas of combination skin retain moisture.

Honey has a soothing effect and it is rich in minerals, vitamins (such as B-vitamins and biotin) and antioxidants. Honey’s antiseptic properties help combat acne in the oily areas of combination skin by reducing bacteria on the skin.

Normal skin usually has a healthy skin texture with no visible, dry or oily patches of skin. A minimal amount of skin care is required to keep the skin healthy looking. Daily cleansing is always recommended no matter what skin type you may have. A night moisturizer is always a good idea to ensure the skin stays in good condition with a healthy glow.

Easy Combination Skin Care Tips

Furnishing the pores and tissues with the vital nutrients is the first step towards solving the complications combination skin might generate. Follow these tips for the best combination skin care.

  1. Usually the spots where the skin is dry or oily variate. The nose is often greasy due to the large amount of sebaceous glands that are in this area. On the other hand the cheek can be extremely dry. In order to maintain your skin spotless, you’ll have to deal with both skin types. This can only be done with the use of special products designed for this complexion.
  2. Use a good moisturizer on the dry areas. Moisturizers work by either increasing the penetration of water into the skin or by reducing the rate at which water is evaporating from the skin surface.
  3. Look for products that normalize your skin, such as those that contain alpha hydroxy acids. Most alpha hydroxy acids are derived from fruit, milk and sugar cane and have anti-inflammatory properties. When applied to the skin they help remove dead skin cells (exfoliate), giving you a younger appearance.
  4. Cleansing is extremely important when removing dirt and other toxins from the surface of the skin. Combination skin requires a balanced skin care routine.
    That’s why to protect both the dry and oily parts skip over-cleansing and use a simple and mild solution to do it.
  5. Besides the specific products it seems that your skin type goes perfectly with a simple foaming cleanser. This will help you keep the dry skin hydrated and the oily one free from breakouts.
  6. Use oil-absorbing makeup on oily areas to control shine.
  7. Use toners that are either glycerin or water based these on one hand will nurture your skin on the other hand contain enough antioxidants to cover the pores with a protective shield.
  8. Exfoliation is another crucial step in skin care. Combination skin due to the dead cells produced by the oily skin as well as dry patches is in great need of a thorough detox. This is the best method to eliminate all the toxins and dead cells from the skin and this way boost the healthy cell reproduction.


  • Do not take advice from sales assistants alone, try products and read reviews.
  • Always be sure to apply specific care to your T-Zone(forehead, nose, chin) and Cheeks. That’s where (1) Oil builds up and (2) It’s probably the most dry.
  • Speak to your pharmacist, some products will make your skin worse if you use the wrong kind of product for your skin.

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