Here is How You Can Stimulate Hair Growth

Are you pleased with the state of your hair? Beautiful hair does not only add to your confidence but also symbolizes overall well-being. Unfortunately, a lot of people are not proud of their natural hair, therefore, depend on weaves to conceal it most of the time. Hair problems are diverse affecting both women and men. They are sometimes hormonal, hereditary or come from poor lifestyle choices.

Some people suffer from premature baldness, breakage, split-ends or even hair thinning. These problems also come from applying poor products that result in hair damage. Stagnant growth of hair is also devastating to some women.  Today, you will learn how you can treat your hair from such problems and stimulate its growth. Enjoy!

Watch your diet

Healthy hair starts from what you eat. If your hair is stagnant for years, you may not be taking enough iron and zinc in your diet. Increase your intake of these nutrients from fish or liver as you add your consumption of vegetables. Take antioxidants as well as lean meat regularly.

Proteins contain keratin acts as the building blocks for your hair. You need lentils, nuts as well as foods containing vitamin A and C.  Your hair also requires enough minerals for it to grow and stay healthy. Stay away from unhealthy fat diets, excess salt, sugar, alcohol, and white flour since these substances prevent hair growth.

Remain hydrated

Water is not only beneficial to your body but your hair as well. The lack of enough water in your body inhibit the reproduction and growth of cells. You, therefore, need proper hydration for your hair to grow. Instead of relying on caffeinated drinks, take pure water regularly and aim at high amounts. It will also prevent your hair from drying out easily. 

Enjoy your rest

Enough sleep gives you a balanced life. It also prevents you from stress and anxiety which can affect the digestion and absorption of nutrients you need for the growth of your hair. Stress also reduces the stomach acids and interferes with the levels of hormones in your body. This can make your hair start falling out. You can prevent this from sleeping for 8 hours daily to promote the repair and growth of cells.

Practice yoga

Yoga is also a good way of combating stress to encourage the growth of hair. It stimulates the hair follicles and prevents you from stagnating hair. You can practice this from home through a video or join a yoga class to learn more poses.

Use hair boosting supplements

You can also get some of the nutrients from supplements that support hair growth. Diet alone cannot make you obtain all the nutrients that your hair needs for growth. Try Fulvic acid which has anti-inflammatory properties that encourage the growth of thick hair. It makes the hair dense by revitalizing your hair follicles. It can also prevent male pattern baldness caused by hereditary factors.

You can also try biotin supplements which have a similar effect. Do not use supplements without the authorization by a doctor since some can interact with any medication that you may be using. 

Comb the hair regularly and keep it clean

Experts reveal that combing your hair more than twice every day can encourage re-growth. Start brushing from the roots as you come up to the tips of your hair. By combing, you massage the scalp and increase the circulation of blood. The act also rejuvenates the hair follicles. Ensure that you use a good brush with soft bristles to distribute the natural oils across your hair.

You should also keep the hair clean. Do not maintain the same hairstyle for months without washing your hair. Thick hair can only come from proper maintenance. Ensure that you make use of a conditioner before shampooing your hair. This replaces the proteins and lipids in your hair shaft and protects the cuticles from damage.  Oil it from the scalp and give it time to breathe before going for a sophisticated hairstyle.

Reduce using heat on hair

Blow drying the hair may straighten it out but it is not entirely healthy. Your hair does not need too much heat since it can get fizzy and dull. Before using a hot iron, apply a moisturizer on your hair to supply it with adequate moisture. Do not blow dry your hair or go into a dryer regularly.

Get a good parlor for your hair

Sometimes, we have to rely on others to help us with our hair. Choose a reputable parlor that uses trained stylists to work on your hair. This ensures that you receive proper care from people who know the right products that are healthy for your hair. They can also recommend what your hair needs and advice you regularly and how to take care of your hair. Professional hair stylists also know the proper application methods to prevent your hair from damage.

Trim your hair

Trimming your hair keeps you away from split ends which cause the hair to break easily and remain stagnant. Split ends can also make your hair continue getting shorter by the day. Therefore, trim the ends at least once after three months to keep it looking healthy and make it strong.

Avoid wrapping it in a towel

Most of us use a large towel to cover our heads immediately after washing it. This is not advisable since it causes the hair to break easily. The woven fibers of your towel attach themselves to fragile strands of your hair causing breakage. Replace your large towel with a soft microfiber one to prevent this effect.

Talk to a dermatologist

Sometimes, hair loss may be hard to control without the help of a dermatologist. They can prescribe proper medication for hair growth and teach you ways of stimulating hair growth from the inside. A dermatologist can identify the cause of unhealthy hair and help you rectify it.You should also be patient because hair takes time to grow. All the best!

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