How To Hair Care For Hot Weather: 10 Useful Tips

The sun, sand, wind, salt water and the oppressive humidity in Charleston could wreak havoc on my hair. If you’ve ever visited a warm, tropical climate, or if you live in a country where the weather is permanently hot and moist, you will doubtless be very well acquainted with the disastrous effect of humidity on your hair. When it comes to styling your hair in the hot Arizona summer, you want to keep it cool, quick, easy, and cute.

Luckily, however, it is possible counteract the unfortunate results of mixing gorgeous locks with warm, damp air and to help you to do this effectively. This is the time girls; protect your hair from sun as you would protect your dear skin. Hair care tips for warm weather are not that of common knowledge, so people use any cure considering it the hair care tips for warm weather.

The Most Useful Hair Care Tips for Hot Weather

  1. Conditioning: First and most significant thing that you will need to know if you are going to defend your hair from the properties of humidity is that the drier your locks are, the shoddier the harder they’ll be hit with crimping and flopping. This is the worse effect of warm weather on hair. Dry hair is porous and engrosses moisture rapidly, so if you’re allocating with a warm weather, you’ll want to make sure you profound condition to reinstate and nurture damage hairs.
  2. Air Dry: While a blow drier has many benefits, it’s not a great tool to use if you’re dealing with humidity. Directing a stream of dry hot air at your locks will simply cause them to dehydrate and that, as we’ve established, is the last thing you want.
  3. Sweat, itchy scalp and dandruff: We sweat a lot during summer. Scalp sweating can be embarrassing sometimes. It attracts dirt, dust, pollution and hence your hair gets dirty, sticky way more during summer than any other weather. This leads to itchy scalp and dandruff.
  4. Keep it covered: A fun and fashionable way to keep your hair and scalp safe from the sun’s rays is to wear a hat or scarf on your head whenever you’re outdoors. Find ones that coordinate with your bathing suit and look glamorous all season long.
  5. Eating a balanced diet and hydrating your body is good for your internal organs, skin, and yes, your hair. For healthy hair, your summertime menu should include lots of fruits and vegetables and plenty of water to keep your hair soft and supple. Vitamin-rich foods should win over salty and sugary options. Limiting tea and coffee, as well as alcohol and smoking, is also important to your hair health.
  6. Chlorine is Your Hair’s Enemy: Before jumping into the pool, slather your hair with a little conditioner. Hair that is saturated with conditioner won’t soak up as much damaging chlorine. Likewise, rinse your hair with fresh clean water as soon as you are done swimming.
  7. Water Cooling: When you have over washing your hair with a nurturing product, damp refilling shampoo, flash your locks with a crick of cool water. This is not necessary but it is better to do that. This will help to close down your hair’s cuticle and seal up the pores so that humidity from the air can’t get in and ruin your style.
  8. Use UV-shielding products: You slap sunscreen on your skin to prevent burns. And likewise, an array of products are specifically designed to protect your hair from UV rays. These can help prevent highlighted hair from lightening too quickly and looking fried, and they can keep dark hair from turning brassy or red. Most are finishing products such as UV-based hairspray or leave-in conditioner.
  9. Applying a silicone based hair balm can work wonders in humid weather. This kind of product coats the strands of your hair and helps both to seal in natural moisture and to prevent atmospheric dampness from interfering. Take care not to overload, however. Too much silicone and your hair will feel heavy and lifeless.
  10. Drink a lot of water: Make sure to drink plenty of water. If you stay hydrated, your hair should too, and well hydrated hair always looks good. Consider adding fresh citrus, melon, or cucumber slices to your H2O for a refreshing twist.

Hopefully this list of 10 hair care tips for hot weather will help you to battle the damp air and stay looking chic and sleek in a tropical climate. Do you have any handy suggestions of your own to add?

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