What Factors Can Impact Hair Loss

As the problem of hair loss continues for many people, the cost of hair transplant in Turkey remains at a reasonable price, to offer those who want it, the opportunity to have a hair transplant, which can help to improve self-confidence for a sufferer of hair loss.

We are going to take a closer look at the different factors that can have an impact on hair loss.


Your diet can really determine your hair’s growth and maintain its quality. You can help to keep your hair as healthy as possible, without the need for expensive hair products, by simply eating your required vitamins and nutrients. Iron deficiency is one of the main causes often seen for hair loss within the UK and you can attempt to combat it by either consuming nutrients or by eating a more balanced diet. This may not help to stop the effects of hair loss, but it has the potential to reduce the effects and slow down the process.


Unfortunately, there are some factors that cause hair loss, which cannot be changed, such as genetics. Hair loss can be something that runs in the family and cannot be prevented. However, with a change of diet and by using beneficial hair care products, you can help to slow down the process of hair loss, whilst ensuring that your lifestyle is as healthy as possible.


With brand new hairstyles and styling products on the market, the use of heat on our hair day in and day out has increased. Although this may seem like a normal daily occurrence, it could be contributing to your hair loss. This is due to the heat not only damaging the follicle of the hair but also to the ends, which can then lead to hair loss from the scalp when brushing. In order to prevent this from happening, you can reduce the amount of heat that you use on your hair and protect it, by ensuring that your hair has less split ends.

Hair Care Products

Although this is not one of the main reasons for hair loss, the chemicals that we are putting into our hair every single day can have an effect on the overall quality of our hair, in addition to reducing the overall strength of our hair. Although heat protection spray is meant to help ensure that your hair is protected from the heat, it can sometimes have the opposite effect and lead to the hair being directly heated at the follicle thus ruining it and causing it to fall out. Over a long period of time, this has the potential to lead to premature hair loss that could otherwise have been avoided.

With hair loss becoming more common in both men and women, we hope that this quick insight will help you to prevent and reduce any hair loss that you may be experiencing, so you can gain some more self-confidence, and not be worried about your hair loss, as stress can be a contributing factor that can start the initial hair loss.

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