Top Celebrity Hairstyle Trend 2010

In latest fashion of hair styles and beauty, Everyone wants to look smart and handsome. Here are famous celebrities shows their haircut styles and fashion.

Short Hot Romantic Haircut
Give hair some life with texture and shine. Work a texture cream through the ends of your hair. Take a flat iron and use a little heat at the roots so everything is straight and shiny. Use a small curling iron on the ends to make them flip up a bit so you get a different sort of texture.

Leelee Sobieski Hairstyle
Don’t forgo styling on your quest for hippie-casual waves. Leelee Sobieski’s second-day hair is in desperate need of color maintenance,

Medium Lenght Hairstyle
Get the slept-in effect that’s still soft and flattering with a little hairspray and heat. Flip your head over and spray with a fine-mist aerosol spray that boasts moveability. Still keeping your head upside down, grab your dryer and give already-dry hair a shot of heat to reactivate the leftover product from the day before.

Asian Women Bob Haircut Style

Brooke Hogan’s Hairs

Asian Short Layers Silky Hairstyle

Bangs in Style by flat-ironing

Black Curly Long Haircut

Cameron Diaz’s Hair Style
Don’t go too dark. We usually love Cameron’s casual blonde bob, but her light skin and blue eyes look washed out with this too-harsh dark dye.

Eve’s most popular Hairstyle

Pamela Anderson’s Hair Style

Hairstyle of Tori Spelling’s most Popular

Jennifer Aniston Straight Down Shoulder Bob Hairstyle

Mary Kate Olsen Long Curly Hairstyle

Long Hairstyle 2010

Jennifer Lopez Nice Curly Hair Style

Nicolette Sheridan’s hairstyle Bang

Double Shade Blond Long Hairs

Pull One Side Loosely Back, Keeping Hair in Front of Your Ear

Short Lenght Hair Curl

Sleek Silky Long Black Hairstyle

Teens Bob Hairstyle

Tara Reid Hairstyle

Bai Ling’s most Popular Hairstyle

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