30+ Creative and Inspirational Surreal Paintings

Surrealism came about in the early 1920’s, started by Andre Bretton and made famous by artists like Dali, Miro and Magritte.The belief of surrealist works contain elements of surprise that depict the abstract and the psychological. Many Surrealist artists (and also writers) feel their work is an expression of philosophical movement.

Today in this post I have collected 30+ very beautiful  surreal paintings collection for your inspiration. Few days ago I have published 50 business card designs, 30 digital artworks collection, amazing triple screen wallpapers and famous castles of world for your inspiration. I hope will must see these surreal painting collection and like them.

1. Untitled Painting

2. Pig Blimp

3. The Sound of Air

4. The Cycle by Paul88

5. Leonardo’s Bioconstruction

6. Fisherman’s Blues

7. Mother and Child

8. The Ghost by fz-art

9. The Spacebrickumbrella

10. Adam and Eve

11. Sleeping Under Water

12. The Fruit Merchants

13. Beobachtungen by Artofthom

14. Journey of Memoirs

15. The Book by Zancan

16. Girl on the Rocks in Zhuhai

17. The Psychopomp by Anubis

18. Watermelon Heels

19. Shells210 by ssup

20. Zimmer 4 by Blau23

21. Oneirokritis

22. Resurrection

23. Old Works 2

24. Surreal Angels

25. Death with a Kite

26. Surreal by Urbangabor

27. Beautiful Surreal Painting

28. Little Paintings Series

29. San Surreal 01

30. Peace That Conquered Beast

31. The Age Of Lgnorance

32. Learning to See

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