Things You Can Do At Home To Ease Pain

From time to time, each of us face the experience of living with pain. From migraines to joint pains, from back-aches to recovering from dental surgery, to serious chronic ailments, we all have to deal with pain to varying degrees, and trying to find a solution can seem like an overwhelming task. Gritting your teeth and waiting for it to pass is not a solution, nor is it a healthy or responsible way to deal with your suffering. There are a range of options that can help alleviate your discomfort that range from changing your routine to bolstering your medicine cabinet with natural supplements.

Here are just a few.

Try To Keep Moving

It can be hard to imagine how exercise could help if you’re in a position where moving causes discomfort, but there’s a difference between forcing yourself to do a 5K when you’re in incredible pain and slowly easing your body back into a healthier rhythm with some gentle exercise. Something as low-key as a walk around the block or even dancing can help block pain signals, and moving will always help by stretching those parts of your body that have grown stiff and tense. Swimming is an excellent way to get your muscles moving without pushing yourself too hard.

Introduce A Little Heat Or Cold

If you’re suffering from localised pain or sore muscles, a hot bath will dilate those blood vessels and make sure enough blood is getting to the part of your body that is causing you pain. You can also use a heat pad or hot towel to target specific areas, although it should be noted that heat should not be used on recent acute injuries as it can actually cause inflammation and slow healing down. If you’ve got some painful swelling, an ice pack will bring it down and eases pain.

Natural Therapies

While you should, of course, beware of any nootropic supplements promising to relieve your pain entirely, the right plant or mineral based oil can be a tremendous help when used in conjunction with other treatments. CBD, for example, has been shown to help ease pain, discomfort and inflammation in studies, and could make a for an excellent natural addition to your pain management regimen. CBD patches can deliver targeted pain relief for people suffering with specific, localised issues. You can read more about what they can do and read reviews at Handpicked CBD, which offers a whole range of different CBD products.


In addition to gentle exercise activities like yoga, there are a number of guided activities that you can do at home which will help calm your body and mind and ease those anxieties that can often make pain worse. Meditation and mindfulness exercises not only help slow down your more frantic impulses, they also help to centre you and restore a sense of control over your body. We can often start to hyperventilate when we’re in pain and find ourselves feeling dizzy or panicked. Breathing slowly and deeply brings you back into a restful state and puts you back in control.

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