The Truth About Black Diamonds

Ever heard of black diamonds?  Yes, they are real and they occur naturally. True, they are perhaps not as rare as red or blue diamonds but finding them is a difficult and expensive affair.

But there is a world of difference between black diamonds and other fancy coloured diamonds.

Where most coloured diamonds get their colour from impurities or presence of an element, black diamonds are essentially white colourless diamonds.

You heard that right. It is just that black diamonds have too many inclusions or piques spread across the stone in an even way so that the diamond appears black.

And yet, diamonds with so many inclusions are very rare. These are not typically found in stores, nor do you hear about them so much.

Natural black diamonds are rare and expensive. But there is another type – artificially created black diamonds that are treated to get the black colour. Natural black diamonds are significantly more valuable.

Black Diamonds are Intense

There is one more difference between black and other fancy coloured diamonds. Black diamonds are just black. There is only one colour intensity, that is fancy black.

If you are interested in a black diamond engagement ring, then do remember that the 4Cs play a big role in determining the quality and value of black diamonds as well.

While fancy black diamonds don’t receive regular colour and clarity grades, it is necessary to verify their colour saturation. That is black diamonds must be fully saturated. Also check for any obvious flaws when looking at the stone that are visible to the naked eye.

Shape is another factor that you must consider looking for black diamonds for sale.  Black diamonds come in a variety of shapes, each with its unique appearance.

While black goes with everything, you might want to think about the metal choice when making black diamond jewellery. Owing to its stunning, mysterious and beautiful contrast, black diamond goes well with white gold, platinum and other white metals.

What is the Pricing of Black Diamonds?

Are black diamonds very expensive? It depends. If the diamond is treated or enhanced then it is very cheap. However, natural black diamonds are fairly pricey.

Since the practice of treating diamonds is very common, it is difficult to tell the difference between a natural black diamond and an artificial one. 

Watch out for these:

  • Any stones that seem to have astonishingly low prices
  • Not all natural diamonds are natural fancy black diamonds. A diamond that is listed as a “natural diamond” could just be a natural white diamond that is treated.
  • Review black diamonds for sale on vendor sites to get an idea about the pricing per carat.

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Black diamond is a unique choice for engagement rings. But black diamond engagement rings came to vogue in the 2010 movie Sex in the City 2 where Mr Big gave Carrie a 5 carat black diamond engagement ring.

Since then, many celebrities have sported black diamond jewellery. Some of the most popular ring setting styles for black diamonds are halo setting, side stone setting and solitaire setting.

If black is your colour, then go for it. It will surely make your ring more noticeable.

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