6 Products You Must Have in Your Makeup Bag

There are many cosmetic products on the market that is difficult to decide between what is needed and what is a little extravagance, here’sa list of 6 makeup products that I think every girl should have in your collection.

All girls should have a red lipstick that they get well, is a dull look of a glamorous lipstick in a glide. You should try it! I recommend the liptastick Eyeko lip color lover, which is a basic red for sure that you will stay beautifully, 3in1 is a lipstick, lipstick, eyeliner and lip gloss! Therefore makes the application super easy and fast, no excuses!

6 Products You Need in Your Makeup Bag

1. Foundation:

This is the first thing to make. For some, it isn’t as they don’t apply foundation all. Some people just jump to wearing eye pencil, Blush and just lip gloss. However, most cannot leave their house without a bit of foundation and when during the day it smudges in patches, they need to freshen it up in the washroom. A good foundation gives a natural looking finish to your skin and it is important to choose the one that matches your skin tone. Remember choose the foundation that goes with your neck color.

2. Concealer:

Whether you are hiding blemishes, dark circles or blue veins, this product is a must have. Revlon carries a great line of concealers. Let those imperfections be your little secret.

3. Powder:

It is quite an essential and sometimes it can be even used in place of foundation as it can form a thin layer of powder evenly on your skin giving it a smooth look. A translucent powder is a good choice which has a light texture as it will give a fresh and natural look. Also, when applied on foundation, it prevents the foundation from running. For oily skin, the best choice is an iridescent powder!

4. Mascara:

The best friend of any woman, everyone looks better with a little mascara, helps stretch, lift and define eyelashes, the key to a hypnotic beat of cilia.

5. Eye Pencil:

Not necessarily black, black may be too heavy and not very natural in some people, if you think that black works well for you use it but if there are softer options such as brown and gray, if you want your eyes look bigger and more agreed to try a beige or white in the water line.

Pencil eyeliners are the most practical and versatile, you can use inside or outside the eye, you can even blend the line for a smoky eye Flash!

6. Lipstick or Lip Gloss

If nothing else, some people just apply a lip gloss or lipstick. Make sure you don’t keep your lips chapped all the time as the gloss or lipstick won’t settle on them well. Keep a good lip balm with you or Vaseline, just in case. Also apply vaseline, or a paste of castor oil mixed with lemon juice before going to bed to make your lips soft and hydrated the whole day. This will prevent chapped lips.

If your skin complexion is pale, nude, beige and light pink are the best options in lipstics for you. If your skin color is darker, you can try any color and it will look great. If you are not sure about the color but just want your lips to look glossy, wear Lip Gloss as it looks fresh and youthful. A useful tip would be to apply a coat of powder on your lips before applying lipstick as it will make it last longer.

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