Beauty Tips and Tricks of Supper Models

When the hottest of the hot (and the most legendary) models joined Tyra to celebrate the first ever, all-black issue of Italian Vogue, they took the NYC streets for a runway tribute. And we were there to ask some of the models to dish on their exclusive beauty tips.

Use the beauty tips on this site to improve your hair, complexion, nails and more. Then find out how models make the most of what they have by improving their posture and dressing to suit their body shape both important tips but often overlooked!

As an experienced model, I set up this site to share some of the secrets and tips I picked up during my career. Models and celebrities struggle just as much as anyone with their weight and skin, but their jobs require them to become very skilled at things like makeup and hair.

Model Gillian Beauty Tips

  • Gillian swears by Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream. It’s intense moisturizing action offers relief to dry skin, particularly on your face. This is a great idea for travellers too, as aeroplane air can quickly dry you out.
  • She tends to suffer from very dry lips, so she also uses a tooth brush to exfoliate them twice a week. Move the toothbrush in a gentle circular motion, add water to rinse, then apply the Eight Hour Cream on top.
  • Lastly, Gillian is a great believer in exercise as good for your health and well being. She does 1 hour each morning of weight lifting and ball exercises, plus 30 minutes of cardio 2-3 times a week.
  • Skin brushing improves circulation, brushes dead skin layers, and encourages cell renewal for a much smoother skin and texture.
  • It also eliminates toxins by stimulating the lymphatic system. The idea is that firm but gentle brush strokes across the skin will improve your blood circulation, clean out clogged pores and enable your body to remove toxins faster.

Model Nyree Beauty Tips

  • Nyree needs to take especially good care of her hair the night before photoshoots to combat frizziness and split ends.
  • She takes a heavy night cream, by Estee Lauder or any other cosmetic company, and rubs it into the ends of her hair. The cream’s moisturizing action is comparable to any expensive hair cream.
  • To combat the occasional blemish Nyree, reduces the inflammation and swelling by using aspirin.
  • Take the aspirin, crush it in a bowl and add a little water. It should form a paste thick enough to cover the pimple. Aspirin contains acetylsalicylic acid, which is actually used in anti-acne treatments.
  • To maintain flawless skin once a week Nyree does an aspirin mask with honey. It really make a huge difference and it’s very quick and to easy to mix up.

Model Diary Beauty Tips

  • Lisa Cant: “At the last Michael Kors show, makeup artist Dick Page taught me a mascara trick for sexy lower lids: Start with the wand parallel to the lid, then switch it to perpendicular to the lid and run it back and forth.

Model Robbie Beauty Tips

  • Most people’s eyelashes are naturally much lighter at the roots and tips, but one way to really make your eyes pop is to dye the lashes blue-black. This way you can leave the house looking like you are wearing mascara when you are not. Robbie loves to show up at photoshoots makeup-free but still looking glamorous and beautiful.
  • Most beauty salons can help you with this. It takes around 20 minutes and lasts as long as 6 weeks.
  • What’s Robbie’s favorite beauty tip?
    She rates Vaseline as the most under rated beauty secret of all time, and the cheapest! Robbie uses Vaseline to keep both her lips and the skin under her eyes super hydrated.
  • Celebrity fans of Vaseline include Jessica Alba and Tyra Banks, who use it anywhere from their feet to their face. Its also great for pushing back nail cuticles.
  • Vaseline is not this Aussie stunner’s only skin secret – she exfoliates regularly and swears by MD Formulations face and body scrub as the best she’s ever tried.

Model Valerie Beauty Tips

  • Valerie likes to keep her skin looking fresh and youthful. If her complexion ever needs a quick pick-me-up, she uses Evian Water Spray. This is very hydrating for the outer layers of the skin, giving it a much more youthful texture.
  • This tip is especially useful when travelling by airplane, as the air tends to be stagnant and very dehydrating.
  • Valerie also has a favorite exfoliant that she uses to keep her complexion clear. She struggled to find a good one for years, before she came across Elemis Facial Scrub for men.
  • Valerie uses Witch Hazel as an astringent for oily skin. Its astringent properties really clean out your pores and its also an anti-inflammatory to combat acne and pimples.
  • After cleansing, use a cotton ball with Witch Hazel to tone your skin. Then apply moisturizer.

So how do these models and celebrities always look so good? There are many simple beauty tips and tricks that you can use to get some of that star power for yourself!

For big photoshoots or public appearances, celebrities will invariably have a full complement of make-up artists and hair stylists in attendance. However, for unplanned moments, quick touch-ups during a show, or last-minute adjustments, they often need to do it themselves.

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