Ultimate Secrets to Grow Long Hair Fast

{YBA} Beauty get multiplied, if you have healthy, beautiful and long hairs. Growing long hair is not a difficult task, any girl can do it with a little care and applying good tips. Long hair is a dream of many women and girls.

You can have healthy long hairs, even if you thought you never could by following given steps, and you can be the queen at any party, prom, and event. So let’s dig the article to grow long hairs quick and fast by keeping the important domain of healthy and shiny hairs in mind.

1. Hair Wash Secret

I am going to open top secret,

“Don’t wash your hairs daily, and if you have dry hairs than don’t be shampoo daily”

Wash your hairs twice a week or make a recursive wash after 4 days. Why ? because, it protects the valuable hair oil which helps in nourishing and protection of hair. Keep you hair in braids during the 3-4 day.

Begin to shampoo at the roots of your hair, working down but without lavishing the ends in shampoo (it dries them out). Condition only the mid-section to the ends of hair. Consider using a leave-in conditioner or deep conditioning formula.

2. Activate Hair follicles

Activation of hair follicles is very important for the production of more hairs at fast pace, So rub a prong brush all around your scalp to activate the hair follicles. Massage it all around your scalp for about 10 minutes every day.

3. Use of Boar Bristle Brush

Why not to give 150 strokes of boar bristle brush at least, to keep your hair healthy and moisturized by brushing your hair from root to tip. These strokes will help to pull the oils of the roots down to the ends. It may take some time but this action is utmost important for the gorgeous beauty of your long hairs.

4. Use of Natural Shampoo

I recommend to use shampoo having natural ingredients to wash your hairs. Avoid any shampoo having chemicals, perfumes or dyes.

5. Be Sensitive about your Hairs

Hairs are like silk, extremely delicate, and requires a lot of care. Please be strict on the following points,

  • Don’t knot your hair aggressively, or tear it with pins.
  • Don’t use hairdryers.
  • Use safe hair accessories like scrunchies and hair sticks to keep your hair up.
  • Braid hair (and put into a loose bun if possible) before sleeping. If you must sleep with it loose, use a satin pillowcase.
  • Protect your long hair when swimming by putting in a shower/swimming cap, and protect it from sun if you don’t want it to lighten.

6. Inside Beauty – Most Important

It is advisable and most important to be strong from inside primarily. Use vitamins and protein rich foods. Internal health will give you beautiful long hairs.

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