Oily Skin Makeup Tips: Best Tips For Oil Free Complexion

Oil on the skin is one of the most common problem with the women today. There are lot many with dry and combination skin too but oily skin is most commonly found amongst the women today. It may be the hard and tough lifestyle or inside body hormones that leads to this problem.

Human beings have sebaceous glands under the skin which are crucial to keep the skin moisturized. However, for many people these sebaceous glands produce excess oil which makes the pores under the skin large, thus making the skin look oily. Oily skin causes can be attributed to a variety of factors including heredity, pregnancy, hormonal changes, eating habits, etc. Though having oily skin is frustrating in itself, applying makeup on this type of skin is considered to be the most difficult task.

The most problematic thing about it is that the makeup does not stay for a long time and gives the face a blotchy and shiny appearance. However, with the right kind of makeup products, it is actually possible to apply long lasting makeup on oily skin. Therefore, let us take a look at some oily skin makeup tips that will aid you in applying makeup, without actually looking made up. Read more on oily skin care.

Oily Skin Makeup

The first and the most important factor that you have to keep in mind when it comes to makeup for oily skin is that it should be kept minimal. The reason that makeup on oily skin looks patchy is because of too much makeup. Before applying makeup, it is important to clean the face thoroughly. You should begin by cleaning your face with a face wash that is meant for oily skin. A common mistake that most people make here is that they scrub their skin to get rid of all the oil from the skin. However, this should be avoided as too much of scrubbing will actually alert the oil glands to produce more oil, making the skin look very oily.

After gentle cleaning with a face wash, apply a moisturizer which is oil free. Once you have applied the moisturizer for oily skin, let it dry and then apply astringent on the face. The advantage of applying astringent is that it absorbs the excess oil and also helps in closing the pores of the skin. After the application of astringent, you can proceed with the makeup. Read more on mineral makeup for oily skin and liquid makeup for acne prone skin.


As I have said earlier, one of the most important factor when it comes to oily skin makeup is the makeup products. It is very important that you choose oily skin makeup products only, as they are made by keeping the requirements of oily skin in mind. Hence, the foundation that you use should be selected very carefully. Usually, oily skin is prone to blemishes and acne problems, and therefore, it is necessary to use a good foundation to hide them as well as to even out the skin tone.

Moreover, you should also avoid using liquid or cream foundations that will aid in increasing the oiliness of the skin. So, it is best to opt for a full coverage matte foundation. Many times with oily skin, the skin becomes a little darker after the make up is applied, hence the foundation should be lighter than your skin tone. You should apply the foundation with a sponge and not with your finger tips as this can make the skin more oily. Spread the foundation all over your face including your forehead, neck and ears. If you think that the foundation has become too heavy, blot it with a tissue paper. Read more on how to choose the perfect foundation.

Face Powder and Blush

Next comes the face powder. You may also have to use the concealer before you use the face powder to hide dark spots and dark circles. This should be a matte finish one and also remember to blend it with the foundation. Once you have done this, you have to apply the face powder. Usually loose powders are used for this purpose, however, when it comes to oily skin makeup, use one that is specially made for oily skin.

Apply the powder with a powder puff lightly over the face, because if you glide the powder it over your face, there are chances of weakening the foundation. The blush that you have to use after applying the face powder should be in the powdered form and not in the form of cream or liquid. Use a good brush to apply the blusher. Just like the foundation, the powder and blush that you use should be a shade lighter than your skin tone.

Eye Makeup

Eye makeup can be quite problematic when it comes to oily skin. Even here, you have to choose a matte based eye shadow. Eye makeup should be done only after applying foundation and powder on the eyes. Avoid liquid or cream based eye shadows that may cause the formation of creases and lines on the eyes. For eyeliner, use a pencil and not the liquid one as the later may smudge after some time. Sharpen the eyeliner pencil and apply the line by stretching the sides of your eyes. Apply some eyeshadow on the eyeliner so that it does not disappear soon.

After following these oily skin makeup tips, the last will be the application of lipstick. It will be better to avoid lip gloss, instead use a matte lipstick of your favorite color. These makeup tips will ensure that your oily skin does not look blotchy and you will be able to enjoy an oil free skin throughout the day.

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