Quick and Easy Makeup Tips For Working Women

Today almost every secind women on this earth is working and most of them are indulged in full time job. Women without make-up are like Men without… well lets not get into that! But it can be safely said that make-up is an important thing to most women (lets leave out the one’s who do not even know how to use an eye pencil). So quite obviously I am talking about make-up here.

Appling office makeup is something tricky and needs proper skill. This does not mean that you should look dull and boring. You should look great, attractive. At the same time, you should also look confident and make out maximum of your positive personality. While applying makeup for office, you should not forget that you are not getting ready for an evening party.  What looks good in the bathroom mirror may look sick in fluorescent lights of office.

Every woman must have some basic items that can be used to create any look, be it romantic, seductive, classy or glamorous. A woman can either carry these make-up items with her in a small pouch or store them in her desk drawer if she’d rather not carry them around. So before setting out on a night in the town all you have to do is whip out your make-up, just seven basic items and you are ready to look your best and have a blast.

Make-up Must Haves

Concealer – as much as we would like to believe that we have perfect skin, lets face it, we do not. We all have certain problems on our face, acne, wrinkles, pigmentation or scars, instead of using foundation and looking cakey why not use concealer. Just remember that concealer needs to be patted on the skin on just the area needed, never rub it in the skin because that is not going to make any difference.

Compact powder – shiny is in, but a shiny oily face certainly isn’t. a little compact or loose powder goes a long way to prevent that greasy look. It also helps to set the concealer that you may have applied.

Blush – whether you desire the sun-kissed look, or rosy look, you definitely need a little blush. Carry a small blush kit in a color that suits your skin tone and make sure it comes with a nice rounded brush. Avoid flat brushes; these do not help in application.

Eye shadow – dress up your eyes, either naturally or with a more dramatic smoky look depending on your mood and the occasion. Carry an eye-shadow kit that comes with basic colors like bronze, white, pink and black. It may-be difficult to come across this combination but you can come close to it.

Eye pencil – an eye pencil or kohl pencil is a must. You can create a basic look or a dramatic look for your eyes using just a basic black kohl pencil. Make sure that the tip of the pencil is sharp and pointy to avoid a messy thick look.

Mascara – add drama and oomph to your eyes with mascara, a single or double coat of mascara can light up even the most tired eyes. Mascara is a must even if you skip out on the eye pencil.

Lipstick or gloss – whether you prefer lipstick in matt or a nice shiny gloss, some form of lip-color is essential. It adds color to your face. If possible try and get a lip color palette that comes with 4 colors and a lip brush, this gives you more variety. And if you have misplaced your eye shadow, these lip colors can even be used be as eye shadow.

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