The Helpful Tips for Using Lip Stain for Perfect Lips

Lip stain differs from lipstick in the lack of wax; this cosmetic product is designed to stain the lips with color which will be longer lasting, and won’t smudge as easily as a lipstick would. A lip stain can be used as an everyday cosmetic if the color is light or it can be heavily applied to give a greater impact. Lip Stain will let the lip color stay on your lips for a longer time than your lipstick. Lip Stain is a simple substitute for your lipstick.

Lip stain is the next best thing to semi-permanent cosmetics, the kind of procedure that is designed to last for weeks or months. Lip stain may last one 24 hour period. Semi-permanent makeup is designed to last weeks or months. A lip stain can increase the look of flaws in the lips and if applied incorrectly can stain the skin outside your lips, which will be difficult to remove.

Types of Lip Stain Products

The application type of lip stain products is increasing day by day. When lip stains were first introced the application type was limited to only a few. Now, they are found with the following types of formulas:

  • Brush-on
  • Marker tip
  • Gel pumps
  • Cream or pot

How To Apply Lip Stain

Applying a Lip stain might be difficult at the onset. But once you get a hang of it, applying a lip stain is as easy as applying a lip color. Following these simple tips you will be able to apply lip stain and go on with your day without having to constantly re-apply color.

  1. Because lip stain tends to dry out you lips a little bit, I recommend having a serious daily lip moisturizing ritual and sticking to it. At night, when you’re applying face cream, massage some moisturizer into your lips too.
  2. It is mandatory to exfoliate your lips before applying a lip stain. Daily exfoliating might not be necessary but you require to do away with the dead skin by exfoliating your lips. The surface of the dry lips get smoothened by exfoliating it.
  3. It would be best to apply lip stains on a hydrated lip surface. Try by applying a lip balm, and thereafter apply the lip stain.
  4. Use a lip liner before and after the lip stain application.
  5. Do apply another color or formula lip stick over a lip stain.
  6. Apply the lip stain the same way you would lipstick center to corner for both upper and lower lips.
  7. A brown eyebrow pencil makes a great lip liner.
  8. Be fast in applying your lip stain as it dries up quickly and for reapplication you need to be fast.
  9. Before applying the lip gloss, you should let the lip stain dry up quickly. Reapplying the lip stain or putting up the lip gloss must be done accordingly with your make up requirements.

The natural look is also the nude look which is very hot right now. Isn’t it good to know that you can accomplish two of the hottest trends today with only two items of makeup? If you use the eyebrow pencil to line your eyes, you have enhanced the natural look.

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