Shazia Khushk Sindhi Folk Singer Information and Pictures

Pakistani super hit folk singer Shazia khushk is most favorite and popular in Asia. She has God gifted sweet voice and cute face. Everyone his fan and respect her by his hard working and sincerity with singing profession. You may look some photo gallery collection of Shazia khushk

Pakistani Folk Singer Shazia khushk

Shazia khushk – Pakistani Artist with Album listing, Biography, Discography, artist rating and user reviews about Shazia khushk.

Shazia khushk  Biography

Shazia Khushk is a Pakistani folk Singer. She have very sweet voice from God gifted. She emerged as a Sindhi singer, later on she made her voice recognized in Urdu as well. Surely Shazia Khusha k has made a splash on the Pakistani music scene. She is very good singer of urdu and sindhi .Miss folk Shazia khushk is a very popular all over n Pakistan.She got lot of success is very short period,

Shazia khushk Professional Career

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Sindhi songs videos of all Sindhi singers collection from Sindhi TV channels.

Shazia Khushk Urdu songs List

DHAMAAL dam mast qalandar
Lal meri pat rakhio bhala
Roobaroo e Yaar by Shazia Khushk
Shazia Khushk Bibi Shirini
balle balle shazia khushk
Aae aae piya ji
Tera naam liya by shazia khushk
Dane pe Dana Danana
Dhamal mp3 Songs
Sindhi Songs.

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5 Responses

  1. shazia says:

    aap mujhe bhot achi lagti hai bhot so cute

  2. Fawad Ahmed says:

    shazia g you are so sweet & so cute.
    im your big fane, i like u to much really.
    DANE PE DANA my favrout song.

  3. Very good singer we like her

  4. Maoj Mehran says:

    Shazia Khushk is our ever green singer she has give us very good songs
    Shazia we salute u

  5. mr.muhammad ayub bajwa says:

    Hello my dear very very respect full ideal voice mrs.Shazia
    i like you as your Fan only.
    Shazia Khushk first Pakistani singer neat and clean and simple.