How To Prepare Your Skin for Valentine’s Day

I know you all are so very excited about the upcoming Valentine’s Day. So what all plans do you have for the day? This Valentine’s Day, why not surprise them by dedicating the next week to getting your skin into tip-top shape. It won’t just impress them, it will make you feel good too.

Valentine’s Day is not just about your partner and your loved ones, it’s also about you. Pamper your skin this Valentine’s Day to get that amazingly healthy and youthful glow. Here, I share to you some of the best skin care tips that will help you achieve beautiful skin come February.

The Best Valentine’s Day Skin Care Tips

  • Start your day with cleansing your skin, after that use a good toner and then apply a moisturizer. If you go out then don’t forget to apply a sunblock lotion and make sure that you reapply after every 3-4 hours. At the end of the day before going to bed apply a night cream which contains de-tanning agents like kojic acid, arbutin and Vitamin C.
  • Check your linens: Our pillow covers and blankets eventually become the breeding ground for bacteria, especially if you forget to change these regularly. Just imagine laying your skin over a surface that has been gathering dust, dead skin cells, and who knows what. Make it a point to change your linens regularly to prevent any chances of breakouts before V-day comes.
  • Excess coffee intake: Coffee can give you an energy boost, but it can also cause your skin to age faster and wrinkle. Having two cups of coffee in a day is fine but when you increase your intake, you accelerate the ageing process.
  • Reduce your chemical load: Simply by using less you will reduce the amount of chemicals that are attacking your skin’s health. Reevaluate your daily routine. Do you really need four face creams, three leave-ins for your hair or two serums? Most people overuse product.
  • Chocolate lovers have a reason to rejoice! Dark chocolate can have many benefits for your skin too when used as a face mask. Dark chocolate cleanses your skin, leaving it smoother and softer than ever before.
  • Treat dandruff to prevent skin problems: Crush two aspirin tablets and add this to your shampoo. Apply it to the hair and leave it on for one to two minutes, then rinse it thoroughly. Wash your hair only with shampoo again.
  • Waxing or bleaching: In case you have a hormonal imbalance then do not wax the hair on your face, back or chest. Instead going for a whole body bleach will be a better idea that too if done with care. This will surely give you the comfort of looking hair free with a smoother skin.
  • Drink more water: This may seem to be the oldest trick in the book, however, it is one that is often overlooked or taken for granted. We are advised to drink at least 6-8 tall glasses of water a day. It may sound so simple, but more often we are guilty of forgetting.
  • Use natural products: With your skin, it’s always good to stick to natural products as they have minimal side effects and are loaded with health benefits. Opt for foods that are brightly colored, and stick to a vegetarian diet as far as possible.
  • Eat an array of colored fruits and veggies. Include berries, omega-3 rich fish, bananas, garlic, egg, dark chocolate, beetroot, nuts, orange and papaya.

So gals this is it for now, hope your all have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. What do you do to get smooth skin? Let me know by commenting below!

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