Skin Whitening Tips: Get Fair Skin Fast

A dream to have fairer complexion and achieving it is universal  between both the sexes. Skin lightening products are popular among Asians, hence in this million dollar industry everyone have thrown their hats into the ring. Rat race among branded as well as cheap local brands is on.

Problems related with hyper pigmentation like spots, freckles, acne scars, melasma, uneven skin tone and other dark areas are common. Relying on lightening, bleaching etc is effective and it has to be incorporated in lifestyle along with other measures so as to bring back the self esteem.

Here are some simple home remedies for skin whitening that you can do to lighten the skin tone and get a lighter complexion. However, they must be done regularly and best results are obtained if they are inculcated as a part of daily routine.

Useful Skin Whitening Tips:

  • Many establish cosmetic companies produce their skin lightening face washes, facial gels, creams, lotions and pack to whiten the skin. You can choose any of them for your skin. They are helpful in lighten the skin tone to few shades.
  • If everything from the same brand range is applied for skin whitening than it helps more as they have same ingredients for different purposes. Use the same brand of face wash, lotion, day cream, soap and night cream to target the darkness of your skin.
  • If you want to go for advanced treatments then you can consult a cosmetologist who gives peels to your skin to make it appear lighter. But some of these treatments are not suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Bleaching helps the skin to remove scars, reduce sun tan and pigmentation and clears the skin to make it look lighter in shade. But it should be done carefully as if the ingredients have not mixed in proper proportion or you put it more than the applicable time, it might burn your skin. These days’ bleaches are available in the market for sensitive skin so people who have sensitive skin should choose them.
  • Herbal bleach too is a good option. One can learn applying bleach in a right way on the face and body from a professional beautician and then can do it oneself.
  • Some of the creams and lotions from the skin whitening range of L’Oreal Paris are very helpful in reducing pigmentation, brown spots and prevents discoloration of the skin tone. They make it smooth, even and much lighter in shade without any side effects.
  • Even while choosing a whitening cream or lotion, ones should keep the skin type in mind and should buy them according to the skin type. As some of them might not suit the oily skin or some might no help dry skin.
  • Prevention can be taken to stop skin from further darkening-always apply good sunscreen lotion on skin when going in sun. Use waterproof sunscreen lotion while going to swimming. One needs to reapply the sunscreen lotion on the skin every 30 minutes if one is staying directly in the sun. Sun makes the maximum damage to your skin and skin, which is naturally white, too gets tanned and dark if stays directly in the sun without any protection.

Other Suggestions for Skin Whitening:

  • Drink at least 3 to 5 liters of water everyday. Water will trash out toxin from our body. Fewer toxins in our body will produce better skin structure.
  • Practice healthy diets. Go for fresh and less calories food. Avoid taking oily and high cholesterol food.
  • Use quality sunscreen when going out. This is to protect your skin from the damage of UV sunlight.

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