Are You Know Wolf Tattoo Meanings

The world is filled with wolf legends, and a wolf tattoo design could connect you to several ancient stories stories even richer and more frightening than the “Big Bad Wolf” in Little Red Riding Hood. As Hanson observed, The wolf has sunk its teeth into our imaginations. Its howl sounds the spirit of the wilderness, haunting and free. Then flood in the fears from reading fairy tales and werewolf stories. It is exciting, even exalting, to see a live wolf, its paws huge and its dignity unbounded.

Many people find the wolf attractive as a tattoo totem because of its alleged personality characteristics: a loner, aloof, fierce, and deadly. Actually, wolves are not all that dangerous. They are social animals that travel in packs, led by an alpha male. Their howling is for social reasons, e.g. to find fellow pack mates and to ward off strangers.

That howl has captured the imagination of generations of listeners. To the ancient Greco Romans, the wolf was sacred to gods such as Mars and Apollo. A famous image from ancient Rome is the statue of the twins Romulus and Remus, suckling on a she-wolf. Many thought the wolf was a ghost, and that its gaze could render one speechless. It symbolized valor and victory at war.

Wolf Tattoo Meanings

Wolf tattoo meanings have various interpretations in various cultures. A few of them could be stated as:

Wolf Howling At The Moon: This is by far the most popular amongst all wolf tattoos. It depicts a howling wolf silhouetted against a murky lunar background. It resembles death and the mysteries lurking the depth of darkness.

Wolf Looking Through The Paws
This tattoo resembles a wolf’s face peering through its paws. It portrays a darker theme of resilience and composure.

Wolf Skull: This one represents a wolf’s skull sharing a striking resemblance with a demon which lends a ghoulish appeal. Another interesting wolf tattoo which could be sported by people interested in darker themes.

Snarling Wolf: This requires a lot of precision and detailed finishing and could be suitably sported on the arms or shoulders. It vividly portrays the face of a snarling wolf which give a fair idea of its ferocity and the inherent predatory instincts.

Wolf Ripping Through The Skin: This tattoo depicts a rabid wolf pouncing from an extensive scar which looks extremely good if done by a professional. Addition of red, gory edges to the scar lends to the collateral damage! This tattoo signifies the consistent and headstrong traits in wolves and consequently, the one sporting it.

Tribal Wolf Tattoos: Tribal wolf tattoos are offbeat tattoos with bold geometric wolf tattoo designs; nevertheless it doesn’t lose its lupine essence. These kind of tattoos exhibit an abstract facet with striking patterns and various anatomy of a wolf, preferably the head. These tattoos have an enigmatic charm which depict various ideas, essentially abstract and obscure themes.

Full Back Wolf Tattoos: This is the most extensive form amongst all the wolf tattoos. It requires a lot of time, skill, and patience, because it covers a generous area at the back. It could consist of a complete wolf or could have the body of a human and a wolf’s head. Looks absolutely lethal if done with utmost perfection. But one should be ready to face the severe anguish while inking the complete tattoo. But its worth it! One could sense the boldness and valor from these tattoos.

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