Breathtaking Examples of Horse Tattoo Designs

Horses are a very powerful animal. Horse tattoos have long been a symbol of strength, grace and stamina, not to mention the fact that horses have only been a tamed species for a rather short period of ten thousand years; for that they are also an emblem of untamed beauty.

Horse tattoos feature an animal that is the pure essence of speed, strength and endurance. How many other animals do you know that can carry a full grown man over rocky terrain at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour? Not many I would imagine. Usually when you see a horse tattoo, it’s the naturalistic representation of the animal, though there are a few exceptions. Sometimes people get horse tattoos that are inspired by mythological versions of these creatures. Take the unicorn for instance.

Horse Tattoo Design for 2011

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Cool Horse Tattoo Design

Horse Tattoo Design for Girls

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Horse Tattoo Design

Horse Tattoo for Back

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Horse Tattoo

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Horse Tattoo for Girls

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