10 Effective Activities That Burn The Most Calories

For anyone who is losing weight, burning calories is a number one priority. Many people want to know the easiest and fastest way to burn calories. There are many things you can do to burn more calories. Here’s a short list of some fun leisure activities and the calories burned while having fun with these activities.

The Best Activities That Burn The Most Calories

  1. Climbing the stairs burns a lot of calories as it requires more energy in order to climb the incline and requires more muscle work from your quadriceps to push yourself up and over the steps.
  2. Sleep: get yourself more sleep. When the body is not getting enough rest, your metabolism will slow down causing you to burn less calories. Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.
  3. Fishing: If you love to fish, then this is the perfect outside activity to burn calories.  Even just a half an hour can burn up to 100 calories.
  4. Jumping rope is not only a great heart-pumping activity, but also increases body awareness. All you need to get started are some comfortable shoes, preferably aerobic shoes or cross-trainers that have a reinforced toe and cushioning for the balls of the feet.
  5. Walking places of course burns a lot of calories, but again you can maximize this by power walking which involves moving your arms more and your legs faster in order to generate more speed.
  6. Aerobics are a great way to lose weight, increase stamina, ward off viral illness, boost your mood, strengthen your heart and help you live longer.
  7. If you like group activities, basketball is a great one to do with your friends. Get some teams together or play one on one with a buddy. You’ll build strong muscles in your legs, back, shoulders, wrists and hands along with whittling 584 calories an hour.
  8. Unfortunately another activity that is slightly less fun also makes you burn calories cleaning the house. But at least it’s some consolation.
  9. Take a brisk walk for 10-20 minutes- A brisk walk around the corner and back, or at the mall is great for your heart, breathing deeper, and to burn about 100 calories or so.
  10. Eat several small meal a day- If you do this your body will burn more calories during the day than if you just eat 2 or 3 big meals.

These activities are easy and will work for people who want to start out small. But if you seriously want to burn calories and lose body fat fast, I recommend you must follow these useful Madonna fitness workouts.

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