Best Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss: Useful Tips

Forty or Fifty years back, a many of people still didn’t know the difference between Yoga and Yogurt. These days, Yoga is so fashionable that it’s basically a household word. Although it’s very well identified these days, it doesn’t mean that public in fact understands what Yoga is. There are many myths about Yoga that are told by people that do not have a nice belief about it. Yoga is so complex that it offers something for each person that chooses to embrace it. It doesn’t matter if you are young, old, chunky, slim, flexible or inflexible, every person can gain from some form of Yoga.

What Kind of Yoga Will Help Me Lose Weight?

The type of yoga you need to do is called vinyasa or flow yoga. This style of yoga is based on the performance of a series of poses called sun salutations. Vinyasa includes many popular, athletic and sweat-drenched yoga styles. For weight loss purposes, try:


Ashtanga Yoga is a very vigorous style of practice with a few distinct advantages for those who want to lose weight. Ashtanga practitioners are among the most dedicated of yogis, and beginners are often encouraged to sign up for a series of classes, which will help with motivation. Another advantage is that once you learn the poses, Ashtanga Yoga is ideal for home practitioners.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga is extremely popular, because it provides a very vigorous cardiovascular workout.

Hot Yoga

Vinyasa yoga done in a hot room ups the ante by guaranteeing you’ll sweat buckets.

Keep in mind that if you are just starting to do yoga, are very overweight, or are quite out of shape, always choose a beginner-level class.

Yoga Exercises

Heated Floorspace

A heated workout area provides immediate benefits when exercising as your body can warm up quickly. This minimizes the chance of injury and allows you to put your body into deeper poses. Yoga exercises for weight loss involve a strenuous and active workout and a heated practice area provides increased gains in flexibility and muscle development.

Oxygenated Blood

Although not immediately noticeable to the practitioner, the increased heat profile of the practice space provides a constant flow of oxygenated blood throughout a person’s body. This is because it is easier to get into a deeper stretch when doing a pose. This has a positive effect on contracting the muscles more completely and the result is a more pronounced flow of blood throughout the body. That has the effect of carrying more oxygen and allows you to perform at a higher, more aerobic level. In layman’s terms you can push yourself harder and you will see a weight loss benefit.

Constant Routine

One of the key things to look for in utilizing yoga exercises for weight loss is how constant the workout routine is. The class I participated was led by an instructor that moved from pose to pose, relatively constantly. A yoga pose was shown, practiced by the class and then repeated – usually 3 times. Once completed the instructor moved the class to the next pose with very short breaks occurring only every 20 to 30 minutes. This had a fairly aerobic effect simply due to the pace being practiced.

Maximum Workout With Minimal Impact

Certainly a complete and very active workout occurs using this type of exercise routine. But perhaps the greatest benefit is the minimal impact to the body’s joints, ligaments and tendons. This workout, while very aerobic, did not add unneeded stress or pressure to these critical parts of the body.

I cross train regularly practicing different yoga postures with other physical fitness activities. The positive benefits described here occurred due to the fact that this was a strenuous and active workout approach. Embrace the right yoga exercises for weight loss, increased flexibility, and muscle strengthening as they play an important role in an overall fitness regimen.

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